Advisory committee wanted Anil Kumble as Head Coach

June 21, 2017 5:09 pm

Anil Kumble has resigned from the post of head coach of Indian Cricket Team and this decision has shocked all the cricket pundits. There were rumors that Kumble and Kohli are not fitting together as they have differences in their style but most of the fans hoped that BCCI will resolve the matter. The cricket advisory committee (CAC) of the BCCI, was keen to appoint Kumble as head coach again but Kohli-Kumble feud made it worse. The CAC was sending Kumble with Kohli and Co to West Indies. That would have perhaps given the two men time and space to sort out their differences.

On Tuesday when Kumble stayed in the London while other players traveled to West Indies, most of the people knew something is going on but BCCI covered the situation by saying that Kumble has stayed for a meeting in London but a few hours later he resigned. The BCCI had wanted the coach named before the team departs for the West Indies, but the CAC believed in case Kumble doesn’t continue, time is too short for a new coach to join the team. The CAC told BCCI that they want to have Kumble as the head coach.
“Why would the CAC change a coach, who was appointed by them only a year ago, despite the team’s outstanding performance? It hasn’t reached a point where there’s total mistrust or players has stopped talking to the coach. It’s only a difference of opinion which can be worked around. Kumble is not intimidating them, but merely putting certain things in place, which might seem new to the system. That shouldn’t stop him from trying. The CAC wants to resolve this. They believe Kumble is the right man,” a board official told Indian Express.
According to the sources, Kumble and Kohli’s controversy was the reason behind the resignation of Kumble otherwise the CAC would want him to continue.

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