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“I Was Gonna Knock Him Out”- Chris Jericho Blames Colt Cabana For Mike Tyson Altercation

“I Was Gonna Knock Him Out”- Chris Jericho Blames Colt Cabana For Mike Tyson Altercation

Chris Jericho

AEW Dynamite was full of intense and exciting moments. But nothing could possibly top the end of the show, which was utter pandemonium between Chris Jericho and Mike Tyson. Iron Mike Tyson entered the ring at the end of the show with his posse. His group consisted of the likes of Henry Cejudo and Vitor Belfort, who backed up the boxing legend as he faced down Jericho.

Chris Jericho re-ignites old feud

Chris and Mike have a deep history with each other. They were in the ring together last decade as a team, when Mike betrayed Jericho and knocked him out. Chris brought up this feud and demanded an apology.

Soon enough, the feud turned into an all-out brawl. Throughout the entire melee, both Tyson and Jericho were separated. AEW Superstar Colt Cabana had a notable part to play in the melee, as he was one of the few performers who held Jericho back from reaching Tyson in the ring. Jericho was furious at him, hitting him across the face a couple of times. 

Jericho was also furious when he was dragged backstage after the incident.

The superstar was being subdued by a group of officials, while he shouted “I will make you pay! You son of a b**ch!”. He was approached at that moment, by Colt Cabana, who he immediately chastised. “I was gonna knock him [Tyson] out and it’s your fault” he shouted.

After the program, it was confirmed that Jericho and Cabana would face each other in the ring, on the next episode of the regularly scheduled program.

New storyline for the AEW?

Mike Tyson’s role in AEW could mean a lot of great things. He brings the mainstream star power that a new promotion like AEW needs. Moreover, given his history with wrestlers like Chris Jericho, we may have some excellent storylines in store for the rest of the year, But, for the time being, Jericho will face off against Cabana.  

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