Iron Mike Tyson Plays a Major Role at AEW Double or Nothing

May 24, 2020 5:59 pm

Boxing legend Mike Tyson made his entrance into AEW, carrying the TNT Championship belt. The belt was to be given by Tyson to the inaugural champion after the Double or Nothing Championship fight. 

It was announced previously that the boxing legend would present the belt to the winner of the championship match. Aside from this very specific role Tyson would play in the AEW, speculations also suggest that he has signed on as talent for the promotion.

The Championship bout was between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer. Rhodes had Arn Anderson in his corner, whereas Archer was supported by Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Tyson’s entrance took place weeks after his announced involvement in AEW as a performer or in some other capacity. The Double or Nothing AEW TNT Championship match had some great moments, but one, in particular, stood out. 

The new belt is unfinished, with gold plating set to be added after the global pandemic.

Iron Mike Tyson re-renters the squared circle

The Championship matchup went on smoothly, with both wrestlers trading strikes. Archer dominated most of the offense during the bout, constantly throwing barrages of punishment against Rhodes. He held down Rhodes at one point, gesturing Jake ‘The Snake’ to interfere in the match. His cornerman almost got into the ring, brown bag with a python in hand. Before ‘The Snake’ could help Archer, Tyson got up from his seat, and stood between Jake the Snake and Rhodes, threateningly. He took off his shirt, revealing that he was in fighting shape, despite being 53 years old. 

Jake The Snake wanted no part of a feud with the 50-6 44KO legend and immediately backed off, allowing the match to progress. 

Yep, Mike’s still got it.

Cody Rhodes eventually turned the match around and beat Lance Archer, becoming the first TNT AEW Champion. 

This was by no means Mike Tyson’s first appearance in pro-wrestling. He had been a large part of the culture around the sport since the late 90s, when he refereed a Wrestlemania match. He had even made notable appearances in the ring sporadically. Most notable was one where he famously knocked out Chris Jericho with his patented right hook.
Mike has recently hinted that he would be back in combat sports, so we may see a lot more of him in the near future.


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