MJF Uses Eddie Guerrero’s Playbook to Beat Chris Jericho

November 8, 2020 5:30 pm

AEW’s rising star MJF faced Chris Jericho at Full Gear with a unique opportunity up for grabs. A victory for the youngster would allow him to join The Inner Circle.

MJF had been trying to join Jericho’s group for many weeks. Last week on Dynamite, Jericho finally revealed the condition that would help him join the faction: beating Le Champion at Full Gear.

Jericho walked out to the ring with the crowd singing his famous Judas theme song while MJF mocked his old WWE entrance.

During the match, he paid tribute to the legendary Eddie Guerrero. As Jericho’s baseball bat Floyd came into the ring, MJF handed the bat to Jericho and fell to the mat.

We saw a similar situation a few weeks back on Monday Night Raw when Ricochet faced Cedric Alexander. Ricochet picked up a steel chair, banged it on the mat, and passed it to Alexander, causing the disqualification and win for Ricochet.

MJF and Wardlow join Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle

The match was closely contested; however, MJF certainly looked more hungry. From the get-go, it was evident that MJF would do anything to win, and he proved us right.

Towards the end of the match, Wardlow created a distraction as he ran down with MJF’s diamond ring. As mentioned above, Jericho’s baseball bat Floyd came into the picture.

He then handed the baseball bat to Jericho and fell down to the mat, acting like he was hit by it. Jericho was distracted by referee Aubrey Edwards, as MJF rolled up the Demo God to pick up the win.

After the contest ended, Chris Jericho welcomed MJF and Wardlow into the Inner Circle. The Superstars shook hands, hugged and formally entered the Inner Circle.

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