“I’ve Been Boxing For Six Years”- Chris Jericho Teases Huge Plans For Mike Tyson

May 31, 2020 8:30 pm

Let’s be honest. All Elite Wrestling has been dishing in some of the best wrestling content during the past year, with many saying that it’s miles ahead of the monotonous episodes of Raw and Smack Down. However, everyone understands that the kind of mainstream appeal they have gained after the epic Mike Tyson-Chris Jericho brawl saga is unprecedented.

Jericho, who is probably among the top five minds in wrestling, realizes how big this moment is. In fact, he will be putting all of the experience he has towards making this storyline one of the best that we have seen in a long time. As far as professional wrestling is concerned, Le Champion is the Midas who turns everything he touches into gold.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Y2J revealed his experience with Iron Mike. He also talked about the future direction that their rivalry might take.

“He’s gonna do whatever the f*** he wants too”- Chris Jericho

Mike Tyson is a legit fighter. Even when he was an active boxer, he was not someone who’d just defeat you. He would hurt you to the extent where you will think twice before asking for a rematch. Jericho revealed that this is the sole reason why he isn’t the best proponent of scripted entertainment

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been working with Mike for 10 years. Probably seen each other half a dozen times and appeared on camera four or five of those. I know Mike. I think when the idea came for him to be involved with us at AEW, the natural pairing was with Chris Jericho.”

“I know what to expect. A guy like him, he’s a firecracker, man. He’s a loose cannon as an entertainer, as a performer. You don’t give Mike Tyson a script. You don’t rehearse something with Mike Tyson. You just go out there. He’s gonna do whatever the f— he wants to do no matter what. And that’s cool. I have 30 years of being in the ring and I can guide that.”

“Plus, we have a story. Last time we were in the ring together, he knocked me out. There’s the story. Whether you’re into wrestling that much or you’re not, it’s very cool. And you have two performers that have been in the spotlight for 30-odd years that are arguably at their biggest for drawing buzz right now.”

“Jericho vs Mike Tyson would be big”

At this point, everyone wants to know if we will be getting a future one on one contest between the two legends. Add Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans and the Inner circle to the mix and you have the ingredients for a classic.

“Obviously, the idea is to do something more. That’s the thought process, I think between both parties. What that is at this moment, we’re thinking and discussing. Look, Chris Jericho versus Mike Tyson in a wrestling match, in a street fight, in a boxing match, would be big. I’m not Mike Tyson. I’m not 1/1,000th of Mike Tyson, but I’ve been boxing for six years. I know how to box. I could win fights on my own against people of my skill level. So if that’s what he wants to do, that works too. Whatever he feels comfortable with, I can make it good. That’s what I do for a living. That’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years.”

There’s no doubt that something big is in the works. Mike Tyson is not a professional wrestler so it won’t be a technical masterpiece. However, the AEW creative need to add intriguing layers of storyline to build hype around the contest. Rest assured, Chris Jericho is capable enough to make Mike look like a thousand bucks inside the squared circle. We’re in for a fun buildup.

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