AEW Superstar Dax Has Gone Through Insane Body Transformation Since His Release From WWE

Published 05/30/2021, 10:15 AM EDT

AEW Double or Nothing will feature a Stadium Stampede match between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle. Given the excitement for the match, the Superstars involved are leaving no stone unturned in attracting viewers. For instance, Dax from FTR, and The Pinnacle’s leader, MJF, recently took some shots at The Inner Circle.


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Dax fired some barbs at Ortiz and Santana from The Inner Circle, referencing the match between the two factions at AEW Blood and Guts.

For the uninitiated, The Pinnacle decimated The Inner Circle by using some shrewd psychological tactics. The match ended with The Inner Circle members surrendering to MJF when he threatened to throw Chris Jericho off the steel cage’s roof.


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Even though MJF still dropped Jericho, The Pinnacle walked away with the victory.

Now, Dax is certain The Inner Circle cannot keep up with The Pinnacle yet again. In fact, he showed off his body transformation in his tweet. It is clear he has prepared for this match.

Treating the result like a foregone conclusion, he also suggested what Jericho’s band should do following their defeat at AEW Double or Nothing.

Furthermore, The Pinnacle’s leader posted a hilarious image of himself and the members of the factions prior to the match. The intention behind the image was to determine that The Pinnacle will bury The Inner Circle once and for all.


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The Inner Circle accepted the match with high risk involved

Chris Jericho accepted the challenge from MJF at the risk of his own faction. MJF put a condition on the match – if The Pinnacle wins, it’ll be the end of The Inner Circle.

Now, the company can take this forward in two ways. First, The Pinnacle wins, Inner Circle dismantles, and MJF skyrockets to the top.

Second, The Inner Circle wins, and the feud continues a while longer. AEW found massive success in terms of viewer engagement with this feud.

It’s possible the company will try to keep this going a while more to keep up the ratings. Sooner or later, the feud will end to begin other storylines involving the wrestlers of each faction.

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Dax Harwood arrived in AEW to grow his career

Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler came from WWE to AEW to continue their wrestling career. The former Revival rechristened themselves as FTR in AEW and have been hugely successful in their run with the company.


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However, their time in WWE wasn’t all bad.

Recently, Dax Harwood revealed that his best time in the company was during his alliance with Randy Orton along with Cash Wheeler.

Do you think his run with Orton was one of the better runs of his WWE career? Let us know in the comments below.


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