AEW Superstar Maki Itoh Leaves Twitter After her Dynamite Debut

Published 03/20/2021, 8:00 AM EDT

AEW discovered an incredible talent in Japanese sensation: Maki Itoh. The singer/wrestler wowed fans and captured their hearts in a matter of days. Despite not winning the AEW Women’s Title Eliminator tournament, she became more popular than the eventual winner, Ryu Mizunami. Unfortunately, Itoh became the most recent victim of online hate.


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Maki Itoh Twitter account hacked


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A few days ago, Maki Itoh deactivated her Twitter account after receiving a ton of criticism on her performance. It was later revealed that her account was hacked. She lost all of her followers and over sixteen thousand tweets.

Fortunately, Twitter Support could revive Itoh’s hacked account, which restarted last night. The Maki Itoh Support Army stormed Twitter to rip apart the ones who hacked Itoh’s account. It was quite a heartwarming sight to see Twitter flooded with Itoh stans.

The popular superstar returned to Japan after a brief run in AEW, where she made her PPV debut at Revolution. She debuted as Britt Baker’s surprise partner in the tag team match against Thunder Rosa and Riho.

She then main evented the first episode of AEW Dark: Elevation against Riho. Despite putting on an impressive performance, she fell to the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion.

Itoh returns to Japan to rejoin her joshi pro-wrestling roots. We could view this stint in America as an extremely successful excursion, as Japanese wrestlers often go on.

If she keeps up her brilliant character work and wonderful in-ring performances, she’s well on her way to becoming a big hit worldwide.

What’s next for the AEW Women’s division?

The past few weeks have been incredible for the AEW Women’s division. The AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament was an incredible idea, and the involvement of the Joshi division was even better.

Emi Sakura, Ryu Mizunami, Aja Kong, and many other talented wrestlers stole the show and launched themselves on the platform AEW provided.

Post that, Maki Itoh made her debut alongside the women’s division’s workhorses Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, and Riho at Revolution. Hikaru Shida defended her Women’s Title successfully against Ryu Mizunami in a match that represented the passing of the pro-wrestling torch. However, what comes next for this blooming division?


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The division has not bloomed completely yet. In fact, it is still in the former stages of the blooming process.

The Lights Out Unsanctioned match between Baker and Rosa on Dynamite represented a turning point in the way AEW has booked its female talent. If opportunities such as main eventing Dynamite are given to women more often, this division could bloom faster than we expect.

Also, if Thunder Rosa doesn’t beat Hikaru Shida for the Women’s Title, we’ll riot.


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