Best and Worst Moments from AEW Double or Nothing 2021

Published 05/31/2021, 9:00 AM EDT

All Elite Wrestling went all-out this year with their annual flagship PPV – AEW Double or Nothing. Despite a stacked card of nine matches on the main show, the PPV felt like a breeze and had us on the edge of our seats.


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However, like every coin has two sides, Double or Nothing also had its fair share of dull moments. So, without any further adieu, let’s check out the five best and worst moments respectively from Double or Nothing 2021.

Best – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page receives a thunderous ovation!


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Hangman‘ Adam Page came out to a thunderous pop from the crowd for his match against Brian Cage. The crowd was so loud that Hangman’s theme song couldn’t be heard! You had to see it to believe it.

And the pop was constant throughout the match. It’s a no brainer Hangman is the most loved and popular AEW wrestler.

Worst – Cody Rhodes vs Anthony Ogogo

Cody Rhodes vs Anthony Ogogo – what do we even say about this? First off, this match and its build-up were both very lackluster. In all honestly, we have only one thing to say – there’s a better way to get over as a babyface.

The only one positive coming out of this is Anthony Ogogo looked good in the ring. Other than that, it felt nothing but a way to forcefully shove Cody down everyone’s throats as the ‘American Dream.’ But what went so wrong? Read it all here!

Best – ‘The Icon’ Sting proves naysayers wrong

WCW Legend Sting proved the entire pro wrestling world wrong with his impressive in-ring return at Double or Nothing. He also took some nasty bumps.

Stinger Splashes, Bulldogs, Scorpion death drop, and even a Code Red –  The ‘Icon’ tore the house down and looked as if he’s back in his prime wrestling against the nWo in WCW!

Best – Jungle Boy wins Casino Battle Royal at AEW Double or Nothing

Despite having Christian Cage and Matt Hardy in the final three, AEW and Tony Khan did the right thing by making Jungle Boy the winner.

It was the perfect example of how one veteran can put over a young talent without even taking a pin. Plus, the post-match embrace from Christian Cage only added to the feel-good moment.

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Best & Worst – Dr. Britt Baker wins Women’s World Title at AEW Double or Nothing

We bet you’re thinking how can one thing can be both, best and worst, right? Well, let us explain.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, winning the AEW Women’s World Championship is an absolutely great moment, and she rightfully deserves the win. In fact, the action was stunning and both Baker and Shida did a good job.

However, two things really brought this match down at certain moments. One, when Hikaru Shida threw Britt Baker head first into the guardrails. It seemed like a concussion-scare as Baker seemed lost in the match for a few minutes after that. Not just that, but there was one major botch, too, that really made us question the booking.

The match was a traditional one on one match, which means there are disqualifications if someone interferes. At one spot, Baker fell onto the ropes instead of Shida, and Rebel hit her with a crutch. The referee saw everything but did not rule the match a DQ. Well, we’re still wondering why.


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Best – Trademark of AEW Double or Nothing, the Stadium Stampede

The Stadium Stampede match surpassed expectations and left everyone wanting for more for the second time in a row at AEW’s biggest PPV. Both factions, The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle, put together a very entertaining and hard-hitting match. Every single moment and spot was never seen before.


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From the entrance to the conclusion, there wasn’t a single dull moment in the Stadium Stampede Match. We can all agree that after its success for a second consecutive year, it won’t be a shocker if Stadium Stampede becomes an annual affair at Double or Nothing.



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