Bullet Club Reunion in AEW? The Young Bucks Betray Jon Moxley on Dynamite

April 8, 2021 8:11 am

Just when you thought the Young Bucks were ready to put their issues with Kenny Omega to the test, they showed their true colours. In the main event of AEW Dynamite, the Bucks teamed up with Jon Moxley to take on Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers. What seemed like a straightforward six-man tag ended with a huge shock.

The Young Bucks and Jon Moxley faced Omega and Good Brothers

After Don Callis slapped Matt Jackson in the face to bring out his killer instinct, it seemed like the Bucks wouldn’t side with the Bullet Club. With Omega brainwashed by Callis and the Good Brothers, Matt seemed smart enough to avoid his taunts. The Bucks even sided with Jon Moxley who confronted Omega last week.

Moxley teamed up with the Bucks to take on Kenny and the former IMPACT Tag Team Champions. The Good Brothers played the role to perfection, keeping the explosiveness of the Bucks and Moxley at bay. They absorbed tons of punishment from their opponents, only for Omega to dish it back.

After a bunch of close nearfalls and brilliant, balls-to-the-wall action, the AEW Tag Team Champions had Omega exactly where they wanted him. Matt hesitated to hit him with the BTW Trigger, but Nick tried to convince him. He still hesitated, causing an irate Moxley to shove him out of the way.

This angered Matt, who super-kicked Moxley in the face. With Moxley out, the Good Brothers hit him with the Magic Killer for the win. After the match, they picked Moxley up again, and the Bucks hit him with stereo superkicks. They pose in the ring with the heels and finally throw up the Two Sweet.

Is this a Bullet Club reunion?

The events of AEW Dynamite point towards one obvious conclusion- the Bullet Club is back. Yes, the original Bullet Club is still in Japan, but this version excites us a lot more.

This feud can head in many directions, but the most sensible path is Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs The Young Bucks. This match should ideally go down at AEW Double or Nothing and will steal the show.

As for Omega, he might have another meeting with Moxley scheduled down the line, but for now, he focuses on keeping the AEW Title to himself at IMPACT’s Rebellion PPV.

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