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Chris Jericho Confirms Another Huge Signing for AEW

Chris Jericho Confirms Another Huge Signing for AEW

Chris Jericho has always advertised the level at which AEW conducts its talent hunt. Therefore, when the company signed a new pro-wrestler, Jericho did not keep it a secret.

The AEW star revealed the new information during an episode of Talk is Jericho wherein Thunder Rosa appeared as a guest. While her introduction was ongoing, he disclosed that Serena Deeb is now officially working with Tony Khan and co.

“I got NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, she had a hell of a debut on Dynamite last week and a great match against Serena Deeb, got Serena Deeb signed, I believe…”

AEW is yet to confirm Chris Jericho’s comment

However, the company itself has not yet made an announcement about the new recruit. Nevertheless, it is expected that she will play a crucial role in developing the Women’s division at All Elite Wrestling.

Considering that the Women’s division at the company is currently a work in progress, Deeb’s fifteen years’ worth of experience will bring significant value to the company. She will be able to nurture the existing young talent in the division.

Deeb was rather grateful to All Elite Wrestling for providing her with the platform to wrestle again.

One of the first instances where fans had her name etched in their minds was during 2010. At this point, she was a part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society. It was the same year when she was first released by the company. She worked independently for a while before returning to the company in a backstage role.

The last time that Serena Deeb appeared in a WWE ring was during the 2017 Mae Young Classic. Following that, Deeb worked at the WWE Performance Center as a coach. Unfortunately, the company released her in April due to the COVID-19 budget cuts.

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