Chris Jericho Criticizes a Segment on AEW Dynamite

November 28, 2020 9:04 am

We have to admit that Chris Jericho is a savant of wrestling. If you don’t know that, he will tell you. Jericho’s experience in the world of sports entertainment has taught him to be extremely critical and attentive to detail. In an interview on Keeping it 100 with Konnan, Chris Jericho discussed a detail from a segment that he did not like.

Chris Jericho criticized Taz’s segment on AEW Dynamite

On an episode of AEW Dynamite before Full Gear, there was a town hall meeting between MJF and Chris Jericho.

I think it was a town hall, that’s where Bischoff was there asking questions. And as soon as we were done, we went to like a package, where Taz was asking Will Hobbs if he’s going to join Taz’s team.”

Jericho stormed to the production crew and asked them, “Guys, how can that happen? How can that even be?’ Like, it’s the exact same thing, and nobody even noticed that. Maybe we should move that package somewhere else. In the future, let’s not use to word ‘join’ for Will and Taz.”

Instead of the word join, Jericho came up with a bunch of alternatives that Taz could’ve used instead. “[Instead,] are you going to come with us? Are you going to work with us? You’re going to be apart of our team? ‘Will MJF join the Inner Circle’ was the tagline for our PPV match! Therefore, any other joinings should be suspended for this duration.”

Jericho added, “And that’s just common sense, but sometimes those things just fall through the cracks. I’d like to see a little bit more attention to those kind of details.”

AEW allows wrestlers to use their creative freedom

AEW has prided itself on being a show that’s largely unscripted. It gives talent the chance to use their creative freedom and cut their own promos. The likes of Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, Brodie Lee, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho himself must feel the creative shackles come off their hands.

Jericho’s critique of the segment is a testament to his knowledge and intellect. His intelligence and intellect have made him not just successful, but also one of the smartest wrestlers to walk the face of the Earth.

If AEW were ever to get a creative head or director, Jericho would be the best in the business. After he hangs up his boots, the role would be perfect for him.

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