Cody Rhodes and Brodie Lee Turn Up The Heat With An Intense Brawl on AEW Dynamite

October 1, 2020 6:49 am

AEW Dynamite started off with a brutal battle. TNT Champion Brodie Lee and Cody Rhodes engaged in another brawl that sprawled all over the AEW arena. The rivalry will get more intense next week as AEW announced a massive match.

The two Superstars brawled viciously after Rhodes announced he will face Brodie in a Dog Collar Match next week. Last week, Brodie challenged Rhodes to the match after the latter attacked several Dark Order members.

The brawl was so intense that it took almost the entire roster to separate the two. Even Rhodes’ wife Brandi got involved. She and Anna Jay fought for a while before the female Superstars separated them.

Cody Rhodes addresses the AEW crowd

This week, Rhodes headed out to the ring right after the first fight of the night. Notably, he had made his return to the ring last week. Dasha, the interviewer, asked him about the status of his injury. Cody revealed that his trainer, Al Snow, gave him a few pearls of wisdom, “you’ll always wrestle hurt, but never wrestle injured.”

Shortly after, he got a call from Hollywood and sat next to some big names like Rosario Dawson, Snoop Dogg, and Jennifer Nettles for a new show. Cody wondered, “Who am I? I’m just a guy who lost in three minutes.” Furthermore, he said that while he was out of in-ring action, he heard what’s been going on.

Dasha then asked Cody if he accepted Lee’s challenge to a Dog Collar Match. However, Cody said that considering his injury and his responsibilities towards AEW, his answer was no.

Surprisingly, his refusal was just a set up as he announced, “No, as in no regrets! Next week! I accept!” The Champion Brodie Lee stormed to the ring, and they started brawling, which brought out almost the entire roster to separate the two.

It was Brodie Lee who injured Cody after he won the TNT Championship from him. From this perspective, the Dog Collar match is an opportunity at revenge for Rhodes.

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