AEW Superstar Kenny Omega Stuns Fans With High-Profile Entrance and Performance

October 22, 2020 6:38 am

AEW had a big reshuffle in its power rankings on tonight’s Dynamite. A tournament was held to settle all dues. While many Superstars went into the fight in the first round, only a few came out on top. More than the tournament itself, the dazzling entrance of Kenny Omega had a lot of fans talking.

The promotion is known for its old-style classic ring announcer introductions that really set the mood for the match. After the gold introduction of Orange Cassidy, we think Kenny Omega has topped it all.

After a dazzling introduction, Kenny Omega made his first appearance in the tournament. He followed two cheerleaders that appeared shortly before him. This may have been the best AEW entrance yet.

Omega looked like he meant business as always. His opponent was the determined Sonny Kiss, who had been getting a lot of heat this past week.

Kenny Omega finished the match in under 15 seconds

However, Omega had other things in mind. As soon as the match started, he delivered a thumping running knee shot to Kiss. This sudden escalation caught Kiss by surprise and more or less put the Superstar out of the match.

The former AEW Champion quickly teed up Kiss and delivered a huge One-Winged Angel to pin his opponent. This victory came in under 15 seconds if not 10. 

Omega looked unphased and unchallenged as he won the pinfall. He probably didn’t even break a sweat. This proved that he had his eyes on the prize and wanted to go all the way in the tournament.

By the looks of it, Kenny Omega is set for another major push, which will probably result in another title. He is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now and one of the most experienced.

Omega has fought in different promotions right up to NJPW in Japan. His work there was simply satisfying to watch which is why he is a playable card at any time of the year.

Now that he has also perfected entrances, he will be far more dangerous psychologically. Big things may be in store for Omega, and fans are loving it.

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