Fans Are Shocked as Tay Conti Executes a Scary Move During a Match on AEW Dark: Elevation

Published 05/11/2021, 7:30 AM EDT

AEW Superstar Tay Conti is known for her agility. Recently, she raised some major eyebrows with her match against Madi Wrenkowski on AEW Dark: Elevation.


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Both women executed some great moves in the first of the four main events. Wrenkowski hit a stunner and scissors kick on Conti as she hung on the ropes. She soon fought back in her own style with lariats and judo throws.

However, the true head-turner came towards the end of the match. Conti laid Wrenkowski on the top rope and sentoned on her back. Wrenkowski almost broke in half as Tay stood firm on her feet.


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Eventually, Conti got the win with back-to-back offenses. She slammed Madi on her knees, followed it up with a pump kick and a DD-Tay for the win. You can check the brief video below –


Tay Conti never intended to be in AEW

Conti previously wrestled in WWE under the name of ‘Taynara Conti.’ She reported to the Performance Centre in 2016 and made her NXT debut in 2017.

In 2018, she took part in the WrestleMania 34 Battle Royale and in the Mae Young Classic tournament. She was unsuccessful in both.

Conti then asked for release as she was unhappy with the company. Consequently, she was released in 2020 due to WWE’s pandemic-related budget cuts.

She never wanted to wrestle in AEW.

Then I thought that I wanted to go to Japan, because it is a dream that I have,” Conti told Lucha Libre Online. “But with the pandemic, I couldn’t make it and I was waiting. I received many messages from people I did not know when my release information came out.”

Fellow WWE-turned-AEW Superstar Luchasaurus kept in touch with Conti throughout the time. Luchasaurus tagged AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in Conti’s stories, and the latter contacted her.

Omega, who is also one of the EVPs of AEW, gave her some opportunities.

“I could not believe it because I am a huge fan of the Japanese style of wrestling. I’ve always been watching Kenny’s matches,” Conti said. “Since I started [working in the industry], Kenny was always an inspiration.”

However, it was not smooth even then. As the first opportunity did not work, AEW president, Tony Khan, gave Tay multiple chances before she got paired up with Anna Jay during the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.


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The duo went to the semi-finals of the tournament. Anna Jay is currently injured, so Conti is focusing on singles matches for now.

She recently faced off against AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida but was unsuccessful in capturing the title.


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