Five Superstars Who can Dethrone Darby Allin as the AEW TNT Champion

Published 04/28/2021, 1:45 PM EDT

Few expected Darby Allin to take TNT Championship away from Cody Rhodes. However, the terminal underdog shocked the world by beating Cody and becoming the third TNT Champion in AEW history. Since then, he’s defended the title against all comers, from hunks like Brian Cage to high-flying sensations like Jungle Boy.


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However, none have taken the TNT Championship away from Darby. With his reign nearing the 200-day mark, is there anyone in the roster who could wrench the TNT Championship from Darby?

Can Ricky Starks dethrone Darby Allin?


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Alongside names like Darby, Jungle Boy and MJF, Ricky Starks is an important part of AEW’s future. At only 27, Starks has a lot of years left in his career, but he’s already one of the best in the current AEW roster.

The former NWA North American Champion has faced Darby before in a losing effort, but AEW looks keen on pushing him to the main event. A feud with wrestling legend Christian Cage is on the horizon for Starks. If he comes out victorious, he might be the one to dethrone Darby.

Orange Cassidy does the impossible

In 2020, Orange Cassidy came anxiously close to beating Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship. He then lost his last attempt at the championship in a handicap match and hasn’t come close to challenging for the title.

With his feud with Miro done and dusted, it is time to move Cassidy to something bigger. A run with the TNT Title wouldn’t be the worst idea, especially since Cassidy is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

Can Miro beat Darby Allin to win his first title in AEW?

During his WWE career, Miro only held the United States Championship. Despite holding the title thrice, fans knew WWE put the title on him for his anti-American character. Now that the outdated gimmick is in the past, Miro might be ready to challenge for something bigger.

On Instagram, the Bulgarian Brute cut a promo about wanting to challenge a champion in AEW. While Kenny Omega might face #1 ranked Hangman Page next, it looks like Darby Allin will be on Miro’s menu.

Will Sting betray his friend for gold?

Sting and Darby Allin’s friendship has been a constant for AEW since the Icon debuted. Their match against Team Taz at Revolution proved the odd team could hang and successfully beat two of AEW’s toughest men.

However, Sting isn’t in AEW to be Darby’s babysitter. Although unlikely, the Icon could betray his friend in order to get a shot at the TNT Championship. If they face off, can Sting keep up with Darby’s pace and put him away, or will Allin put a huge name on his list of beaten opponents.

All Ego overcomes Darby Allin


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Despite being a tag team wrestler for the last two years of his career, Ethan Page is an underrated singles star. The former IMPACT Tag Team Champion can hang with the best of the best and give them a run for their money.

Lately he’s impressed fans with his performances on AEW Dark, and his alliance with Scorpio Sky looks promising. However, if he comes face to face with Darby Allin, picking Ethan Page to win is the safest bet. Page and Darby also had a year-long feud in Evolve which ended with Allin emerging victorious.


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