Hilarious! Chris Jericho Reveals He Reached Out to AC/DC for Inner Circle’s Entrance at AEW Double or Nothing

Published 05/31/2021, 9:45 AM EDT

In the main event of AEW Double or Nothing 2021, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle defeated MJF and The Pinnacle. The fight was truly a fight for existence, as the Inner Circle would have to disband if they lost.


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The emotionally charged ‘stadium stampede’ match had a lot at stake. During the go-home edition of Dynamite last Friday, the members of Inner Circle bid each other goodbye just in case they lost. The Pinnacle, on the other hand, ridiculed them, adding more heat to the fire.

In a post-match conference, Jericho shared some interesting details about the feud. Apparently, this feud is a product of long-term planning. With lots of thoughts put into it, the storyline first came into their minds at the end of last summer.


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To draw a summary of the feud, MJF aligned himself with Jericho after some maneuvering. During that time, he tried to break apart The Inner Circle apart by kicking out Sammy Guevara.

However, MJF soon revealed his true colors and formed his own stable.

The stables fought against each other at Blood and Guts, with Pinnacle emerging victorious. The Double or Nothing match was a rematch between the two.

Apart from the information about the storyline, Jericho also revealed that AEW and Inner Circle tried to license AC/DC’s iconic “Back in Black” as the stable’s theme song. Unfortunately, AEW never heard from the band.

Inner Circle ultimately used their usual ‘Judas’ (sung by Jericho himself) theme song as they repelled down from the stadium’s scoreboard.

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Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle pulled off a phenomenal match against Pinnacle

The highly acclaimed match was the second-ever stadium stampede contest. The Pinnacle chose this specific variation because the Inner Circle lost the first-ever stadium stampede match at last year’s Double or Nothing.

After their stellar entrances, the two factions went at each other’s throats. Each member chose an opponent from the other team and fought their best.

The Le Champion fought with MJF, Jake Hager fought Wardlow, and Sammy Guevara took on Shawn Spears. The tag team FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) went head-to-head with Santana and Ortiz.

There were a few cameos throughout the match. Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer and Konnan appeared.

Meyer looked on as Jericho beat up MJF, while Konnan was the DJ as FTR, and Santana/Ortiz fought it out in a club.


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Towards the end, Sammy chased down Shawn Spears with a golf cart. When they reached the ring at Daily’s Place, the duo started fighting again. Finally, Guevara hit a 630 splash on Spears to pick up the pinfall win for his team.

The Inner Circle celebrated inside the ring amidst the fans. The crowd sang ‘Judas’ as the PPV went off the air.


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