WATCH: Hip-Hop Icon Snoop Dogg Makes an Electric Entrance With Cody Rhodes on AEW Dynamite

January 7, 2021 9:23 am

WWE Hall of Fame member and giant of the music industry, Snoop Dogg, made a huge appearance on AEW Dynamite. Every member of the wrestling community was wondering what Snoop would do in the ‘Land of the Elite.’ He answered their questions by accompanying Cody Rhodes to the ring for his match against Matt Sydal.

Snoop Dogg accompanies Cody Rhodes to the ring

Arn Anderson was out and Snoop Dogg was in as Cody Rhodes switched managers for the night. As Rhodes was making his entrance, his music stopped and a new theme produced by Snoop started playing. Soon after, the rap legend himself made his way to the ring alongside Rhodes.

As Snoop and Cody walked to the ring, Chris Jericho yelled, “Snoop jumped to AEW, Snoop jumped to AEW!” This was a callback to wrestlers jumping ship from WWF to WCW.

Justin Roberts did an excellent introduction for Snoop, calling him a hip-hop icon. Never had Snoop been introduced at an event with such gusto.

The rapper even held the fly sheet that Arn Anderson usually carries around with him. That sheet allegedly holds the key to beating the person Cody is facing. This time, the sheet held all the important details that would help Cody beat the high-flying Matt Sydal. Fortunately, the sheet did its job and so did Snoop.

Cody beats Matt Sydal

Two former WWE Superstars faced off in a monumental match on New Year’s Smash. Sydal walked into this match with a point to prove. After his not-so-impressive debut at All Out and subsequent matches on Dynamite and Dark, the former Evan Bourne needed a big win to establish himself in AEW.

With Snoop Dogg in his corner, Cody Rhodes entered this match with the utmost confidence. The former TNT Champion also required a big win to get himself back into the title picture.

Both men threw everything they could at each other, proving how desperate each was for a win. Cody survived Sydal’s ridiculously agile offence and hit to Cross Rhodes to win the match.

However, the most shocking thing happened after the match ended. During the match. Cody hit Serpentico by mistake as the luchador watched the match from the ringside.

After the match, he and Luther tried to attack Cody, but he thwarted them. A ‘Dogg Splash’ followed the thwarting as Snoop marked a successful appearance on AEW Dynamite.

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