“His Modelling Career Might be Over” – Chris Jericho Taunts Jake Hager After His Huge MMA Win

October 31, 2020 9:18 am

AEW star, Jake Hager, defeated Brandon Calton at Bellator 250 in Uncasville, Connecticut. Unsurprisingly, his friend and mentor, Chris Jericho, was beaming with pride following Hager’s win.

Jake Hager is currently working with AEW as a professional wrestler but continues to practice mixed martial arts. He is a part of The Inner Circle alongside Jericho, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, and Santana.

Brandon Calton, on the other hand, is a heavyweight MMA star from Virginia. He goes by the name “Bone Crusher” within the MMA industry.

What did Chris Jericho say?

Jericho passed a comment, comparing Hager’s past to his current occupation. He even joked about his modeling career being over considering Hager had to be rushed to the hospital after the match. It may not have been a complete joke since Hager did a couple of photoshoots for Gucci and Hugo Boss.

Jake Hager was initially a part of WWE. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship once and the ECW Championship once.

In 2017, Hager quit the company and pursued another contact sport – mixed martial arts. That same year, Hager started working under contract with Bellator MMA.

In 2019, Hager wanted to take a second shot at his wrestling career. WWE was out of question since his previous experience landed him away from his family for over 250 days a year. To avoid this, when AEW approached him, he promptly got on board with the company.

Fortunately for Hager, AEW was okay with him having a simultaneous a career at Bellator MMA.

Jake Hager on the way to the top

Jake Hager is one of the pro-wrestlers who have been mentored by Chris Jericho. This means that if Jericho views him as a potential Superstar, he will do everything in his power to push him to the top.

He has several accomplishments from his nine-year WWE run. AEW will not keep him in the company without giving him equal or better opportunities.

As mentioned before, he is a part of the Inner Circle with some of the hottest names on the AEW roster. Undoubtedly, his future at the company holds several opportunities that will make him an enormous star within days. If all else fails, Hager will continue to dominate his way in the MMA octagon.

Do you think Jake Hager will thrive at AEW?

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