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How Did MJF Get Busted Open in the Blood and Guts Match on AEW Dynamite?

Published 05/06/2021, 12:12 AM EDT

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AEW presented the Blood and Guts special episode of Dynamite this week. The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle fought in a violent Blood and Guts match in the main event. However, none of the ten walked out of the match the same way they got in. Moreover, some even colored their faces with blood during the match, including MJF.

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During the second-last commercial of the show, Shawn Spears removed one top turnbuckles from the ring to use it as a weapon. As we got back from commercial, Santana and Ortiz planted FTR with the Spike Piledriver with an assist from Sammy Guevara. Meanwhile, MJF was preparing to make things very bad for Jericho.


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The reason MJF bled profusely during Blood and Guts match

MJF held Jericho’s arms behind his back and directed Spears to hit him with the steel turnbuckle he removed. However, before he could do that, ‘Le Champion‘ reversed and connected a Codebreaker on the ‘Salt of the Earth.’ Meanwhile, Sammy Guevara took out ‘The Chairman’ with a thrust kick.

After taking out all the members of The Pinnacle, the Inner Circle cornered MJF in the ring, with Jericho leading the pack with the steel turnbuckle in his hand.


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MJF begged not to hit him with it, but ‘Demo God’ didn’t pay heed and hit him with the turnbuckle swiftly. Jericho then posed for the crowd.

The turnbuckle wasn’t the only gift in store for MJF. Santana removed a fork while Ortiz got MJF into a Camel clutch position.

At this time, we could clearly see the ‘Salt of the Earth‘ bleeding profusely from his forehead. Santana then gauged him with the fork! This attack on MJF is what led to him having his face fully covered in blood at the end of the match.


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An interesting thing to note is although the fork gauging spot looked legit, the turnbuckle spot didn’t. We could clearly see Jericho did not connect the turnbuckle on MJF’s forehead.

The possibility of MJF blading himself while Jericho posed and Santana worked the crowd is quite possible!


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Either way, the match truly lived up to its name. There is no doubt that Blood and Guts will be a regular feature of AEW’s special show showcase annually.

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