“Kenny Omega Would Have Come Into Impact Wrestling”- Don Callis Makes a Shocking Revelation

November 15, 2020 5:15 pm

Kenny Omega is one of the most experienced wrestlers in the world. His work in the ring has earned him the attention of every major wrestling promotion. It seems that he was once within grasping reach of IMPACT wrestling.

Don Callis, co-executive Vice President of IMPACT Wrestling, confirmed that the promotion made major efforts to secure Kenny Omega’s services.

In a recent interview with Fight Game Media, Callis himself revealed that Omega would have been an IMPACT star right now if it wasn’t for AEW’s call.

“I’ll say this: If AEW had not come into play … Kenny Omega would have come into Impact Wrestling. Not that he ever agreed to it, but it’s something that Scott D’Amore and I would have made happen,” admitted Callis.

Kenny Omega has known Don Callis for a while. In fact, the two share a very close relationship. Back in his days as a professional wrestler, the IMPACT Executive was trained by The Golden Sheik, who was Omega’s Uncle.

Kenny Omega holds Don Callis in high regard

“Whether you understand the language or not you feel the passion for the matches they call,” said Omega, speaking about commentary in NJPW. 

“Don in the same way elevated all of my major performances in New Japan with moments that were just as special as the moves being performed in the ring. It’s all part of the production and part of what makes a good match a great match, or a great match, a classic,” explained Omega.

If AEW had not entered the scene, we would most probably have seen Omega competing in IMPACT Wrestling. Callis admits that nothing was really agreed upon. Although, he and co-executive Vice President Scott D’Amore would have put in the work to rope him in.

Don Callis recently commentated on the match involving Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page. Once again, he proved exactly why he is an asset to any promotion that has his signature.

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