AEW Announces Star Studded Matchups for Its Next Big PPV Full Gear

Published 10/29/2020, 11:48 AM EDT

All the terms have been laid down and challenges, accepted. Following the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, every match for Full Gear was confirmed.


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AEW has planned a very elaborate chain of events for Full Gear. Once more, a fully-stacked match card will feature the best clashes, and a lot of fans can’t wait for the event.


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Here are the big feuds planned for Full Gear, which has fans more hyped than ever.

1.Jon Moxley vs Eddie Kingston

The AEW Champion has to defend his title yet again against another foe. Kingston, after failing to seize the opportunity earlier, has returned to torment Moxley.

During the previous encounter for the Championship, Jon Moxley tried to beat Kingston in the most humiliating way possible. Wrapping him in a rear-naked chokehold, the defending Champion was forcing Kingston to tap.

However, the challenger passed out instead, making Moxley win anyways. The feud was thought to be over then but it’s clear that there’s still a lot of bad blood between the two.

After defending his title against Lance Archer, Moxley was exhausted and was greeted by a returning Kingston. The Superstar had brought his entire squad along with him,

At first, they proclaimed their friendship but later on went on to ambush and knock out Moxley with the same chokehold. Can the big man defend his title yet again? We will have to find out.

2.Young Bucks vs FTR

FTR has been the dominant Tag Team in AEW since they joined the promotion. They are rightfully on top of the division, but that won’t stop the Young Bucks from crashing the party.

The challengers overcame a fatal four-way Tag team match to become number one contenders for the title. They will now take on the confident FTR.

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are both at the top of their games. Combining well as a team, they are truly showing the world just how clinical they are.

However, they seem to be getting too overconfident. Matt and Nick Jackson can exploit this and pull off a shocker. We may see the AEW Tag Team Championship switch hands at Full Gear.

3.Chris Jericho vs MJF

These two were once best friends. That ‘once’ was just two weeks ago. In the last episode of Dynamite, they had a colossal disagreement that has led to a fight at last.

Chris Jericho and MJF were a dream team of mic skills. They even partnered together on a broadway-style musical segment that went viral last Wednesday.

It seems that all good things must come to an end, and Chris Jericho wants to see it through. MJF will have to put an end to the debonair hospitalities and teach “Le Champion” a lesson. 

The funny part is both Superstars have talked the talk, and now they have to walk the walk. Can they put their money where their mouths are? That is a question that will be answered in time.

4.Kenny Omega vs Hangman Adam Page

Kenny Omega really tried with Hangman, or did he? Hanging on to the remnants of the Bullet Club, Omega teamed up with Hangman. He tried mending the strained bond by working with his team member.

Kenny Omega had the intention of keeping Hangman in The Bullet Club after noticing that he wanted to break away. However, after realizing things were really not working out, Omega himself attacked Page and broke the cooperation.

Now the two will face off at Full Gear to determine who was the better man all along. Even though Omega is the more experienced man, Hangman may have a few tricks up his sleeve.

5.Cody Rhodes vs Darby Allin 

Cody Rhodes has re-established himself as one of the best Superstars AEW has. After a humiliating defeat to Brodie Lee a couple of months ago, Cody returned and won back his title.

He then went on to successfully defend it against Orange Cassidy at AEW’s Anniversary show. Now, he faces the most brutal of the lot.

Darby Allin has a reputation for using gruesome weapons on his opponents. One that comes to mind is that skateboard with the thumbtacks on the bottom surface. Cody could get his back torn open at Full Gear if he isn’t vigilant enough. Although, the AEW TNT Champion isn’t a stranger to this kind of fight.

He has been through all the stipulations including the Dog Collar match. Cody has been thrown directly on the thumbtacks before as well. This reignited rivalry from earlier this year has a lot of backstories and is definitely going to be worth the watch.

6.Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy had a devastating fall in his stadium showdown against Sammy Guevara. Even though the match ended prematurely, Hardy was badly concussed and was out of action for a while.

Returning to AEW Dynamite, the veteran wanted to end the feud on good terms and let bygones be bygones. However, Sammy Guevara still has a bone to pick.

Old rivalries die hard, and the two will end the major feud at Full Gear.

7.Best Friends vs Miro and Kip Sabian

Miro and Kip Sabian are out making names for themselves like it’s a bachelor party. Miro is still showing his potential in AEW and is ready to take the company by storm.


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The feud against Best Friends will definitely pump up his status in the promotion. Soon, the former WWE Superstar may make a solo run happen. 

Chuck Taylor and Trent may have other ideas and can hand Kip Sabian pre-wedding jitters with a massive defeat. We cannot discount their capabilities as a tag team.


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AEW has once again managed to pull together a brilliant lineup for fans. Full Gear has the potential of breaking the 1 million viewership mark again for the promotion. If they do manage to do it, it will show just who far the company has come since its birth.


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