MJF Launches Verbal Attacks At Jon Moxley, Sammy Guevara and Many AEW Superstars

November 3, 2020 6:50 pm

MJF does not shy away from giving out his opinions. Although, he thinks people misunderstand his honesty for his arrogance, and considers himself to be a nice person.

In his latest interview with Fightful, MJF spoke only good things about his childhood idol, Chris Jericho. Keeping up that spirit, the host asked the wrestler to say nice things about some of his co-workers.

MJF started with Sue, Trent’s mother. She drove her son and his tag-team partner, Chuck Taylor, away from a Parking Lot Brawl and is quite popular with the AEW roster as she brought them cookies. Unfortunately, MJF is not a fan of her.

“I have serious, serious, serious food poisoning from those cookies. I don’t know what she made them with, but not only did they taste like chalk, but they made me terrible sick. So, I’m not a fan of Sue. I’m sorry.”

Post that, he was asked about Sammy Guevara. As we have noticed in the past few weeks, both men rarely see eye to eye. Moreover, Sammy has a particular dislike for him. However, MJF completely defended his ‘friend’ from haters.

“You know some people might say he’s talentless. Some people might say he’s wildly short and scrawny. Some people might say he looks like he sells Adderall to middle schoolers. I wouldn’t say that.”

MJF is true a friend of Sammy as he deemed him to be a great wrestler.

“I think Sammy Guevara is a future AEW World Champion, I love Sammy Guevara. To all those people who say he’s a creepy little trollish looking Justin Bieber Dollar Store wanna be, I say to you—How dare you? ‘Cause Sammy’s my friend.”

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MJF immensely praises Jake Hager

Apart from Guevara, MJF praised a fellow Inner Circle member, Former World Champion, Lucha Underground Champion, Undefeated MMA fighter, and Jake Hager. Friedman also praised Hager’s wife.

“He is, bar-none, one of the greatest athletes in professional wrestling today, He reminds me so much of a younger me. He just has too much talent, so much potential, so much to offer, and he’s a very good-looking man. Beautiful wife, too.”

Unfortunately, many wrestlers got “passed” and trolled by him too. He had nothing good to say about Joey Janela, Mance Warner, Conrad Thompson, and Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

However, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley received the harshest words as MJF openly called him a cheater and much more. They recently fought each other over the world title.

“He’s really good at cheating. How about that? He’s the best. He’s the best at cheating in the world. Congrats, Jon. Congrats. You crushed a young man’s dreams. Good job. See ya later, a**hole,” MJF concluded.

MJF will take on his idol Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday. MJF is likely to be included in the Inner Circle soon, and maybe that’s the reason he never spoke ill of his future teammates.

You can watch the fun segment below –

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