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MJF Mocks Chris Jericho’s WWE Entrance at AEW Full Gear

Published 11/07/2020, 11:33 PM EST

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MJF has done it once again. The man who you hate so much you love him, has given the world another season to jump aboard the MJF bandwagon. The Salt of the Earth mocked Chris Jericho’s WWE entrance, complete with the fairy-lights on the jacket and the signature pose.


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Chris Jericho vs MJF: AEW Full Gear 2020

To determine whether MJF is fit to be in the Inner Circle, he had to beat Jericho at Full Gear. If the youngster beat Jericho, he would receive a guaranteed spot in the Inner Circle.

Both men pulled out all the stops to pick up the win. However, it was MJF who pulled an Eddie Guerrero to seal his place in the faction.


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The Salt of the Earth and Y2J’s rivalry has been a very entertaining one. The segments that involve the two have been television gold and even determined AEW’s victory in that week’s rating war against NXT.

The Broadway Style musical was fantastically over the top and the Town Hall meeting allowed Jericho to showcase his veteran talent of cutting amazing promos. His opponent was no slouch either, who promised to beat Jericho to join the Inner Circle.

The Salt of the Earth hoodwinked Jericho to win the match

At Full Gear, Jericho and MJF were having a really good match. The match was full of close nearfalls and some amazing technical wrestling. The Salt of the Earth targeted the former AEW Champion’s left arm throughout the match.


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Jericho entered the babyface performance of his lifetime, before having to resort to heelish tactics in an attempt to put his opponent away. MJF tried to use the diamond ring he won last year, but Jericho avoided it.


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Jake Hager tossed Floyd, the baseball bat, to Jericho to combat MJF’s ring. MJF pretended to be knocked out by the bat, which was genius from the youngster. This allowed Aubrey Edwards to be suspicious enough to disqualify Jericho.

Before Aubrey could rule out the match, MJF rolled up Chris Jericho for the pinfall victory; thus, sealing his place in AEW’s most dominant faction. The decision to join the Inner Circle will definitely please Jericho, but it comes to the chagrin of Sammy Guevara and Ortiz.



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