Sammy Guevara Responds to AEW Backstage Heat Rumors in a Hilarious Way

February 17, 2021 9:30 pm

Sammy Guevara took a shot at reports stating he had an ongoing heat with AEW officials after Impact Wrestling pulled him from a short storyline he was initially part of.

In his response, he stepped out in the cold weather without a jacket and when asked why; he responded with –

“Don’t you read the internet? It said I have lots of heat so I thought I didn’t need a jacket… but I’m still so cold.”

Perhaps he wanted to bury the reports once and for all, or just make headlines. It’s not known if the reports are false, but he definitely made headlines.

Reports claimed Sammy Guevara wanted a new angle

According to the reports, Sammy Guevara was pulled out of the storyline he was supposed to be a part when he did not stick to the schedule decided.

It so happened that Guevara was supposed to go to Nashville for the taping one day prior. However, that didn’t happen, and he rescheduled to go the next day, a few hours prior to the taping.

On the day, he decided not to fly for the taping, as he didn’t like the angle that AEW and Impact Wrestling had originally planned. He had a different angle in mind which he wanted Impact Wrestling to execute. This ended with a rift between AEW officials and Sammy Guevara.

Finally, the reports stated that Impact gave the storyline to new talent Black Taurus.

Originally, it was Chris Jericho who pitched the idea of Guevara working with Impact to Tony Khan. When Khan agreed, both companies moved forward with it.

When Guevara pitched a different storyline to Impact, the company decided to not let him to the premises. In fact, a message from Jericho asking him to return home was waiting for him.

The possible reason why Guevara might have heat with AEW officials is because his actions may have a lasting effect on the relationship between the two companies.

Currently, Sammy Guevara has told Chris Jericho that he will quit The Inner Circle after being in Cold War with MJF. Following that, he decided to take some time and clear out his head.

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury

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