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AEW Announces Next Big Feud for Chris Jericho on Dynamite

AEW Announces Next Big Feud for Chris Jericho on Dynamite

AEW has just announced a match for Dynamite that could be the start of a fresh feud between its top Superstars. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager will face Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss in a No Disqualification Tag team match. 

This is the first encounter between Chris Jericho and Sonny Kiss. It looks to be the start of a separate feud for Jericho. “The Demo God” was beaten by Orange Cassidy at All Out in the exciting Mimosa Mayhem Match. Their feud may be put on hold now.

This seems to be a square off for the Inner Circle as they look to put Kiss and Janela in their places. Jericho himself is pretty pumped for the feud.

On the 15th episode of Jericho’s famous Saturday Night Special, he revealed the fact that he was originally pitted to fight Kiss during his early days in AEW.

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“You know, it’s funny. The original plan for week three for AEW Dynamite when I had the Philadelphia Street fight against Darby [Allin], we were looking for me to have a title match kind of right off the bat [who] was somebody that I could beat and kind of give a rub to,” explains Jericho. “My original idea was Sonny Kiss and Tony [Khan] suggested Darby Allin. We went with that, which was sort of great.”

Chris Jericho hinted that his feud against Cassidy is being put on hold

Chris Jericho is completely aware of what’s next for him. He hints that the Orange Cassidy feud may actually be over, if not put on hold. He will put his focus into the Inner Circle for now.

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“Actually, I know exactly who I’m going to be kind of feuding with next, who my next story is with because once again. It’s all about the stories. So you’ll find out on Wednesday,” says Jericho. “That’s kind of the blow-off of Jericho and Orange for now and I’m sure we can always come back to it at some point.”

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We are certainly thrilled to see what promos Jericho has in store for us. The next episode of Dynamite will determine who Jericho feuds with next. AEW fans will surely tune in to watch.

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