The Best AEW Matches Of 2020 That Every Fan Must Watch

Published 12/24/2020, 2:53 PM EST

AEW has been in fiery form for most of 2020. They have been definite victors in the Wednesday Night Wars against NXT. This is majorly due to some incredible matches from AEW’s top talent. The list was too big to compile, so we have come up with six of the very best matches. This also includes cinematic matches and multi-man matches.


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Mr. Brodie Lee and Cody brutalize each other on AEW Dynamite


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AEW put on an incredible array of one-on-one matches in 2020. Cody’s TNT Championship Open Challenge yielded much of those singles classics. After losing the TNT Championship to Mr. Brodie Lee in a humiliating fashion, Rhodes returned with an unfamiliar look and a new mean streak.

Rhodes and Lee put on a brutal dog collar match that was as bloody as it was beautiful. Lee sought to rip the flesh of Cody’s bones, while the challengers’ innovative offense kept Lee’s brute strength at bay. Cody prevailed and won back in TNT Championship, in what was the best stipulation based match in AEW history.

PAC and Kenny Omega go the distance

Before the pandemic setting a damper on AEW’s plans for the summer, Kenny Omega and PAC put on the best television match of all time. If Cody vs Brodie Lee was fantastic, this match was a beautiful display of pro-wrestling brilliance. Two of the best wrestlers in the world clashed in a 30-minute Iron Man match.

PAC registered AEW’s first-ever disqualification, after whacking Omega with a steel chair. He then used it to his advantage by nailing the prone Omega with the Black Arrow to even things up. With a minute to go, PAC locked Kenny in the Brutalizer, but he refused to give up. With the match going to overtime, Omega nailed PAC with the One-Winged Angel to win the wonderful war between two beasts.

Omega and Page overcome the Young Bucks in an AEW tag team classic

At AEW Revolution, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega defended their tag team championships against their Elite stablemates, the Young Bucks. The champions had won the titles from SCU earlier in the year and needed a big win to cement themselves as the leaders of the tag division.

Both teams threw the kitchen sink at each other. High-impact moves were traded, they kicked out of finishers, and at one point, Omega kicked out of a Golden Trigger at 1! Matt Jackson hit Page with the trio of Northern Lights suplexes on the LED ramp. They then connected with the Meltzer Driver on the ramp. However, a Buckshot Lariat from Page ended things for the Bucks.

Stadium Stampede!

The Double or Nothing PPV was one of the best PPVs of 2019. AEW ensured that they follow up with a successful sequel to the first event. They postponed blood and Guts due to the pandemic, and instead, we got to see the Elite vs the Inner Circle in an amazing Stadium Stampede match.

The match took place at the TIAA Bank Field, and the wrestlers used every square inch of the field to battle. Hangman Page rode in on a horse from the dugout. Matt Hardy battled Santana and Ortiz inside a swimming pool. Matt Jackson suplexed Sammy Guevara from one end of the field to the other.

Jake Hager and Page had an intense bar fight. Kenny Omega picked up the win with an insane One-Winged Angel from one deck to the lower one. The Elite finally prevailed over the Inner Circle in a thoroughly entertaining 34 minutes of action. Also, Chris Jericho delivered a spot on Judas Effect to a mascot. That was a moment to remember.

Nyla Rose wins the AEW World Championship

In the very first episode of Dynamite, Riho beat Nyla Rose to become the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion. That match was a brilliant display of David vs Goliath, speed, and precision vs brute strength. The upset win got the biggest pop of the night, but Nyla would right that wrong on the 12th of February.

Rose survived Riho’s quick feet, and Beast bombed her way to the Women’s Championship. Fans were in raptures when Riho delivered a stunning Northern Lights suplex to Rose, but it paled compared to the pop Nyla received when she finally won the gold.

Young Bucks win the big one

This list would be incomplete without FTR vs The Young Bucks. The two greatest tag teams on the planet finally battled, and oh, how the world rejoiced. After being in their shadow for far too long, the tag team champions finally turned their backs on Matt and Nick Jackson. The build to the match lacked severely, but the match was brilliant.


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At Full Gear, FTR used their expert ring awareness and superior technical abilities to grind the Bucks down. Meanwhile, Matt and Nick flew off the top turnbuckles and spring-boarded off ropes to keep up with their opponents. FTR abandoned their playbook, as Cash Wheeler attempted a springboard 450 splash. He crashed, burned, and ate a superkick to lose the tag titles.


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The incredible list would be incomplete without a few honorable mentions: Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega (Winter is Coming), Cody vs Eddie Kingston (Dynamite), Cody vs Darby Allin (Full Gear). If we missed any matches, mention them in the comments below.


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