WATCH: Every Botch From AEW Double or Nothing 2021

Published 05/31/2021, 10:41 AM EDT

After a fantastic night of wrestling, AEW must be over the moon. Double or Nothing was a stellar show, and every match delivered in spades. There wasn’t a single poor match or poor booking decision, but there were some embarrassing botches.


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Riho misses the mark in AEW Buy-In banger


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On the PPV Buy-In, essentially AEW’s version of the pre-show, we witnessed a brilliant match from Serena Deeb and Riho for the NWA Women’s Championship. The former AEW Women’s Champion and former WWE superstar threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other, but the match quality was bogged down because of their lack of chemistry.

Riho and Deeb are fantastic wrestlers, but they missed their mark often at Double or Nothing. One glaringly obvious botch was when Riho attempted a crucifix pin but couldn’t hook Deeb’s arms properly. She collapsed to the ground awkwardly, and Deeb tried to save the moment by locking on the Serenity Lock.

A rare misstep from two of the division’s brightest talents but a great technical match.

Lio Rush almost ruins his big AEW debut

Former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush drew the Joker card for the Casino Battle Royal and walked out to a big pop. Unfortunately, the rest of his night didn’t look nearly as awe-inspiring as his entrance.

Rush botched the same move twice against industry veteran and Battle Royal savant Matt Hardy. He attempted his seated springboard stunner from the bottom rope, but almost slid out of the ring on the first occasion.

The second time he tried it, he barely connected with Matt Hardy, who collapsed to the ground like he ate an RKO. Lio’s night wouldn’t get better, as Hardy himself eliminated him from the match.

Lance Archer’s wings clipped by the top rope

Miro vs Lance Archer would’ve been a guaranteed show-stealer on any card, but following Cody vs Anthony Ogogo’s snoozefest made that job difficult. However, Archer tried to get the ball rolling by launching himself over the top rope, à la Undertaker, but got caught by the top rope.

What would’ve been an insane dive that would’ve wiped out Miro looked like a shoulder tackle? The big men tried to lift the match with their big moves, but didn’t pop the crowd until Miro absolutely yeeted Jake the Snake’s serpent bag out of the ring.

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Botches bring down classic AEW Women’s Title Match

This one really peeled my grapes, as Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida wrestle a brilliant title match. Both superstars looked like champions and generated enough drama to revive an exhausted crowd. Unfortunately, this match had its imperfections.

Shida almost concussed Baker by throwing her hard into the metal barricade. The #1 contender hit her head hard on the metal and looked loopy for a while after the spot. Fortunately, she persevered a fought her way back into the match.


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Later in the match, Baker tried one of Hiroshi Tanahashi’s signature twisting neck-breakers, but botched it completely. It was Shida who was attempting a Falcon Arrow and Britt tried to counter, but the execution looked horrible.

Finally. we see what wasn’t really a botch but insulted the intelligence of every wrestling fan watching. In a title match, if a foreign object strikes either wrestler, the referee determines her/him as the determined the winner, and the opposite is disqualified. However, Rebel struck Baker with the crutch by accident, but the referee ignored it and even counted the pinfall.


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