WATCH: Iron Mike Tyson Destroys Shawn Spears, Rescues Chris Jericho from The Pinnacle on AEW Dynamite

April 8, 2021 7:25 am

When Tony Khan announced the return of boxing legend Mike Tyson to AEW, no one expected fireworks. However, ‘Iron’ Mike more than lived up to his explosive reputation and made headlines. Not only did he bury the hatchet with a former rival, but he also beat up a member of The Pinnacle.

Mike Tyson rescues Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle walked out to address their return and brawl with The Pinnacle. The iconic faction destroyed the new one in entertaining fashion. On this week’s Dynamite, Jericho and his band of savages made a challenge to MJF and his band of savages.

Jericho gave an interview backstage, during which The Pinnacle attacked him. They dragged the former AEW Champion to the stage, and FTR delivered a Spike Piledriver. The camera cut backstage where the Inner Circle bust out of a locked room, while in the ring, The Pinnacle prepared to carry out something truly evil.

Before MJF and his pals could take Jericho out for good, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson walked out to a huge reception. Given his history with Jericho, no one would’ve expected him to help Y2J, but Tyson shocked the world.

Tyson destroyed Shawn Spears with a bunch of body blows and a knockout punch to the face. The Pinnacle scurried up the ramp as Jericho and Tyson buried the hatchet.

Inner Circle makes Blood and Guts challenge

In the first hour of AEW Dynamite, the Inner Circle walked out to address their issues with the newly formed faction, The Pinnacle. Jericho berated Tully Blanchard, calling him a third-rate member of the Four Horsemen. He ridiculed MJF, claiming he’s more orange than Cassidy.

After his tirade ended, Jericho made a defining challenge to The Pinnacle, a challenge that will determine who will be the top faction in AEW. Jericho and the Inner Circle challenged MJF and The Pinnacle to a Blood and Guts match!

Blood and Guts is a similar concept to NXT’s War Games and was supposed to debut last year. However, the pandemic led to the scheduled Elite vs Inner Circle match to change into the iconic Stadium Stampede.

While Stadium Stampede was a terrific match, Blood and Guts will be a sight to behold.

This match will mostly go down on the 5th of May.

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