WATCH: Kenta and Kenny Omega Defeat Jon Moxley and Lance Archer in Gruesome Main Event on AEW Dynamite

February 11, 2021 9:12 am

After last week’s ambush and the surprising AEW debut of Kenta, former AEW World Champion, and current IWGP champion, Jon Moxley, decided to settle the score with his rivals. With the aid of Lance Archer, Moxley unsuccessfully took on Kenny Omega and Kenta at the AEW main event (10.02.21).

Earlier the night, Moxley said that he will meet Kenta on February 26. Before that, this main event match was “just for fun.” The match in the main event question was a No Count-Out/Anything Goes Match.

Omega and Kenta had a go at Moxley before the latter had an opening. Kenta shoved Archer, and Moxley sent Omega to the floor.

Kenta and Moxley tried for their respective finishers but failed. Omega tried to make a literal impact with a trash can. However, Archer was also back to help his partner with a ladder.

The men started brawling at ringside. After a few offenses, Moxley and Kenta went to the back as Omega and Archer followed. They ended up in the kitchen and Kenta hit a DDT followed by a submission lock.

Archer broke the lock with a bag of potatoes but Omega threw him into a metal structure and threw another trash can at the former Champion. Moxley took advantage of being in the kitchen area and threw some potatoes at him.

NJPW and Impact join forces on AEW for the first time in history

Things changed as Moxley and Omega started battling in the ring. Moxley dominated his opponent with a Kendo stick and after a while, Omega sent Moxley to the timekeeper’s table with back-to-back v-triggers.

Kenta, on the other hand, fought Archer and hit a stomp on Moxley to almost break the table. Archer took over and dominated Omega with a moonsault.

After a close-count, Impact Tag Champions, the Good Brothers, showed up. After some resistance, Anderson hit the Gunstun on Archer. Things were almost going out of hand, but Moxley entered with his iconic barbed wire bat.

Moxley attacked the Good Brothers before getting a GTS from Kenta. Archer came in to save the day before getting two low blows. Good Brothers and Omega both hit their finishers on Lance Archer, and Omega nailed him with the One Winged Angel for the cover.

After picking up the victory, Kenta beat Moxley some more before celebrating with the winners as the show closed. For the first time in history, top wrestlers from NJPW, AEW, and Impact took part in a match at the same time.

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