WATCH: Taz Chokes Out Cody Rhodes After a Heated Segment on AEW Dynamite

November 26, 2020 9:11 am

Cody Rhodes and Taz were involved in a very heated promo exchange during AEW Dynamite. The segment was extremely intense, and it ended with Taz choking Cody out with the deadly Taz-mission, after Rhodes dropped a bomb about Taz’s son.

Taz demands respect for the FTW Championship on AEW Dynamite

Will Hobbs faced Lee Johnson on Dynamite. Johnson was recruited by the Nightmare family, after he impressed Dustin Rhodes at AEW Dark. His match with Ben Carter is often touted as the best match in AEW Dark’s history.

Hobbs managed to put away Johnson, as Team Taz recorded another victory against Cody’s Nightmare Family. After the match, Taz left commentary to cut a promo in the ring.

Taz said he wasn’t leaving the ring until people respected the FTW Championship. He yelled at AEW management to walk out and recognize the FTW Championship for what it is, which drew out Cody Rhodes.

Cody reveals shocking news to Taz

Cody said he walked to the ring out of respect and announced Will Hobbs and Ricky Starks vs him and Darby Allin. Taz continued to demand respect for the FTW Championship, which Cody promised to ‘raise up the flagpole’.

Cody’s response frustrated Taz, which caused him to lash out at Cody and berated him on how he runs AEW. Cody did not take kindly to that and dropped a massive truth bomb on Taz.

“Answer me this: Your son Hook is training to be a pro wrestler right? Well, why isn’t he training with you, but with me?”

Taz was incensed and locked Cody in the Taz-mission. This is the first time the Taz-mission was seen on AEW Dynamite.

The patented submission won The Human Suplex Machine many titles in ECW and WWE. The Gunn Club had to come down to the ring to ensure he would release the hold.

Taz’s son makes AEW Dynamite debut

This is the first time Taz got into a physical altercation with someone in AEW. Seeing the Taz-mission on television after decades was a big surprise, but the news of his son training with Cody will shock the world even more.

Taz’s son Hook appeared on AEW Dynamite to pick up the FTW Championship as he and his father scampered out of the arena through the audience section.

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