Did Britt Baker’s AEW Women’s Championship Introduction Fall Short of Expectations?

Published 06/05/2021, 1:40 AM EDT

A Championship introduction is supposed to be the defining moment of a popular Superstar and can really set the tone for a glorious run with the title. As the proclaimed new face of AEW, fans expected something big for Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D on the latest episode of Dynamite.


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However, things fell blatantly short of expectations, and fans were left wondering what just happened after the segment. Britt Baker entered alongside Rebel after a great introduction by Tony Schiavone, and the two were greeted with a standing ovation. 


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Baker then established herself as a heel champion and tricked fans by telling them there were ‘burger coupons’ under their seats. She then revealed that there were no coupons and that they were all with her.

She then pointed out the huge stack of Big Macs on the table at the center of the ring, signifying the huge part of her celebration. 

As she continued proclaiming herself, she asked Schiavone and Rebel to pick up a burger and toast to her glory. However, Nyla Rose had other ideas and smashed the toast.

She then went on to toss the entire platter of burgers into the crowd and ruined the entire celebration. 

Nyla Rose ruined the crowning moment for Britt Baker

Rose crashed the burger party and popped a few balloons before leaving. The entire segment left fans wondering what just happened.

Understandably, a new feud is on order, but does this mean that Baker is now babyface? 


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As a person to be the new face of the company, Baker’s celebration should have had more and was left wanting for an explanation.

A new feud with Nyla Rose could lead this on, but the segment altogether fell blatantly short of a lot of expectations. 


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Britt Baker has been building a rock-hard reputation over the last year in the company. She truly cemented her status in the bloody match against Thunder Rosa.

She took several painful bumps, was driven through thumbtacks, and even sent through a table towards the end.

The match redefined the AEW Women’s Division, which is finally starting to show its potential. Stars like Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida, and of course, Britt Baker are leading the charge and will do much more in the coming months. 


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