SHOCKING! Former WWE Superstar Makes Appearance on AEW

November 19, 2020 9:05 am

AEW has been dropping some great promos with the Inner Circle – particularly with Chris Jericho and MJF. The two loud-mouthed Superstars are known for their flamboyance. This time, Jericho had a little help from a man we know as Hornswoggle.

Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle recreated a segment that was inspired by the hit movie franchise ‘The Hangover’. Finding out what the events of the previous night were, Jericho took the assistance of former TNA/ IMPACT star Konnan. At one point, they opened a door and saw a literal man-baby in Hornswoggle crying on the floor.

The two immediately closed the door, so we got to see the former WWE Superstar for about 3 seconds. This cameo was a nice addition to the overall thing, and AEW has once more managed to pull off the comic relief perfectly.

However, we are yet to see how WWE reacts to this appearance. On his Twitter handle, Hornswoggle still has WWE in his name. This could change over the week. 

Hornswoggle had an interesting storyline in WWE

The Superstar had a memorable run in WWE. He was given the role of the illegitimate son of WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Acting out the role, he built himself an entire side-storyline with the McMahon family.

Hornswoggle also made a Royal Rumble appearance and lasted longer than a few stars. Fans always remember the little man fondly and he has not been seen in the company since his stint ended years ago.

His appearance on AEW could mean that he is working with the promotion. We are yet to find out if this was just a cameo for fan reaction or if he is going to be featuring a lot on Dynamite.

AEW already has Vickie Guerrero, so bringing in Hornswoggle from the same era in WWE would not be straying away from the entire scene. For now, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle should probably worry about the Tiger in the room, which is probably exactly how it sounds.

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