The Mystery Behind Chris Jericho’s Colorful Tattoos

November 9, 2020 9:32 am

Chris Jericho has a lot of things on his mind. The multi-talented man is just a wildcard in professional wrestling. Widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, Y2J has a lot of achievements under his belt.

Like most professional wrestlers, along with the looks and the moves, Jericho also sports some pretty heavy tattoo art on his body. Over the years, he has added quite a few intricate designs on his arms.

Although the AEW Superstar did not have any tattoos on his body at the beginning of his career, he grew to love the art and has since made the visits to the tattoo studio regular. 

Roman Reigns has a cultural background for his tattoos, Seth Rollins has lessons from his life, and Chris Jericho’s tattoos tell an entirely different story.

Through the art that occupies most of his arms, you can finally find out what each of them means. Y2J’s ink may be a lot deeper and thought-provoking than you think. According to Body Art Guru, these are the various tattoos on Jericho’s body.

1. F Tattoo on the left hand

Chris Jericho has a Tattoo on his left hand of a very fancy “F”. It can be seen quite clearly whenever the Superstar holds a mic in his hand or raises his hand high.

Jericho explained that the “F” stood for his band Fozzy, in which he stars as the lead vocalist. Jericho has been working with Fozzy since 1999, and the band has grown very popular among its Rock genre.

This tattoo is also inspired by Metallica frontman James Hetfield, who has an iconic “M” tattooed in the same place. This stands for his own band Metallica, which is considered one of the best bands of its generation.

2. Ring Finger Tattoo

Jericho has a tattoo on his ring finger that features letterings. Most people cannot identify what this is until they get a closer look. The tattoo spells out Jessica Lockhart, who happens to be Jericho’s wife. The tattoo is in honor of her and also stands as a reminder of their relationship.

Jericho has got the tattoo of her name on his ring finger rather than wearing a ring. The former WWE Superstar explained that he has a broken knuckle, so getting the ring on and off was painful for him. 

Although it may have had something to do with the fact that he kept losing the rings, as he has admitted to doing so.

3. Tribute to Queen

Y2J is a big fan of music, and as a young boy was influenced by the era-defining singles of the British band Queen. To demonstrate his love for the band and its work, Jericho has the album artwork of Queen’s 1977 album “News of the World” tattooed on his arm.

However, he made a few modifications to the design. Instead of showing the robot holding the four Queen members like it was in the artwork, Jericho shows the robot holding the four bodies of himself during his different characters and gimmicks.

You can clearly see a young Jericho in the design, with his memorable golden locks and man-bun. 

4. Skin and Bones Album Art

“The Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla” has a ruminant tattoo on his left bicep that looks very intimidating. However, this has no meaning to Jericho other than the fact that it is the very same artwork used for Fozzy’s 5th album “Skin and Bones”.

5. Fish Bones

Chris Jericho has tattoo designs looking like fish bones on his right arm. Y2J himself has never spoken about these tattoos or their significance. 

We do not know yet whether they are fish bones. Depending on the context, we may be able to deliver that judgment. We hope to find out what the true meaning behind these tattoos is.

6. Jason Voorhees of the Maple Leaf

“The Demo God” has joked that one can only see this cool tattoo when he spreads out his arms. Lying on the underside of his left arm is Jason Voorhees, the famous serial killer of the cult classic film “Friday the 13th”. 

The Canadian flag can be seen flying behind the mask. The reason for this is inexplicable. However, we can deduce that Jericho is a big fan of the horror film and loves being Canadian. The Big Jets logo on the Jason mask is a testament to his love for war movies.

7. The Lake Monster and Rolling Stones

Across Jericho’s left forearm, a big scaly serpent can be seen in an aggressive stance, waiting to attack. This huge reptile is a sea monster, ready to tear down trespassers. The monster, weirdly enough, has the face makeup of Paul Stanley, a member of the band Kiss. The monster can be seen attacking the Rolling Stones emblem of the tongue and lips.

Jericho has explained in an interview with Corey Graves that the Sea monster is something psychological for him. In his youth,  his grandfather and sibling used to go for fishing trips on the lake.

As a prank, Jericho’s brother got into the water and began rocking the boat from underneath. A small Chris Jericho was convinced that a sea monster was stalking them and fully expected it to rise out of the water and take his Grandfather first!

The Rolling Stones logo is nothing but a pure tribute to the works of a legendary rock band that is also considered one of the best. Jericho appreciates music and goes every step of the way to show that.

8. Jack-O-Lantern

Jericho had a tattoo of a Halloween pumpkin done on his left forearm. This was a joint agreement with his close friend M Shadows who also worked with Fozzy on their single “Sandpaper”.

Jericho and Shadows both got the Jack O Lantern and even went to the tattoo studio at the same time to get it. The design traditionally is a symbol to ward off evil spirits of ill-wishers from one’s home.

9. Blood Drop

On the index finger of his left hand, Jericho has a tattoo of a blood drop. Although the meaning behind this one has not been revealed yet, it may be a reminder of the sacrifices Y2J has made to reach the top levels. 

Jericho is musically influenced and has a lot of other tattoos hidden within his bigger ones. There are also tributes the bands like The Police and The Beatles that show just how much Y2J loves music.

We should not be surprised if he adds to this already enormous collection of tattoos as his musical career progresses. Just like Chris Jericho always has something to say, his tattoos always have an interesting story to tell. 


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