WATCH: AEW Superstar Dustin Rhodes Breaks Down in Tears After Live Event

Published 06/08/2021, 7:30 AM EDT

Last week, Dustin Rhodes got a major victory over Nick Comoroto in a one-of-a-kind bull rope match. The match stemmed from their Double or Nothing encounter when Nick attacked Rhodes with a bull rope after the latter’s elimination from the casino battle royale.


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The bull rope match was the main event last week and received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Dustin has always been an underrated superstar in WWE, but in AEW, he is proving his capabilities as a star.


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After Dynamite went off the air last week, Dustin addressed the crowd at Daily’s Place. He started off by thanking the fans for supporting him even when he is 52.

“They say it’s the best shape I’ve ever been in, the best run I’ve ever had, WWE (muted) sure as hell didn’t give me that” ‘The Natural’ blasted off.

“When you lose your passion and you come to a place like AEW, you find it all over again. You have no idea, none, what that means to me deep down. This place is amazing!” Dustin praised the company.

Throughout his WWE run, fans had questioned WWE for not giving Dustin a revamp and sticking with Goldust long after the character had lost relevance.

Dustin was a wrestling prodigy who was eventually turned into a joke in the company. However, Dustin played the character to the best of his abilities till the end.

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Dustin Rhodes reveals AEW brought him and Cody closer, reigniting his passion for wrestling

Apart from rebuilding his career, Dustin also revealed how AEW brought his family closer. “Right now, I’ve gotten closer to my brother than I’ve ever thought imaginable, and it’s amazing, man!” 

Dustin and Cody Rhodes are the supremos of the Nightmare Factory on AEW.

However, the fans still remain the most important thing. When Dustin came out at Double or Nothing, he got an overwhelming response from the crowd. In fact, the crowd reignited his passion for pro-wrestling again.

“As long as I am alive and I am able to do this, I’ll do it because I love it, for you. As long as you guys will allow me into your homes, I’ll do it for you,” Dustin thanked the fans, and a ‘Thank you Dustin’ chant broke out, leaving the former World Champion in tears.

My knees are a bit older, my shoulders are a little older, I feel it when I wake up in the morning,” he said.

But at the same time, he promised the fans to give his 100% each time he comes out in the squared circle even if it’s for 5 minutes.


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The AEW version of Dustin is barely reminiscent of his ‘Golddust’ character. Although it took a long time, AEW has finally given ‘The Natural’ a platform to redeem himself every week.

Let us know your favorite moment from Dustin Rhodes’ career in the comments below.


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