WWE Hall Of Famer Compares AEW Superstar To Daniel Bryan

By 2 months ago

Fans did not have much hope from Orange Cassidy when he debuted on AEW Dynamite. Surprisingly, he has proved everyone wrong and has emerged as one of the top competitors on Tony Khan’s roster. Last week, he was on the verge of winning his first AEW TNT championship.

Cassidy’s performance recently caught the attention of WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray. He praised the ‘King of Sloth Style’ on the Busted Open Podcast.

Bully Ray believes the reason Orange Cassidy is so popular is that people can relate to him. AEW is capitalising on Cassidy’s relevance and relatability.

Orange Cassidy is massively over with the fanbase that he’s been in front of. And there’s probably other gimmicks that technically should not have worked but they did. And why do they work?”

He further said, “They find a way to resonate and invoke emotion. That’s all that matters in this business is emotion. What are they reacting to? And when you can identify what they’re reacting to, you use that as the foundation, as to build on that character.”

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Is Orange Cassidy the new Daniel Bryan?

After dissecting the gimmick of Orange Cassidy, Ray analysed why the audience relates to him. This is also very fascinating.

Orange Cassidy’s Sloth Style, Lazy Style, whatever it is, people are really gravitating towards it. We’re seeing people dress up like him, we’re seeing people buy his merchandise. We’re seeing kids call into our show, saying that they like him. They’re tweeting about him. We can’t be blind to all of this stuff we’re getting smacked in the face with.”

He then went ahead and compared Cassidy’s meteoric rise to Daniel Bryan. Bryan went from being a mid-carder to one of the faces of WWE because he was relatable to the masses.

This kid, Orange Cassidy is on his way. Take it from me, who has seen this for a long time. Over is over. And it doesn’t matter how it gets over. It’s the same way Daniel Bryan, the little tiny guy, made it to the main event at WrestleMania and won.”

Daniel Bryan is currently on a break from wrestling. However, Orange Cassidy is not stopping anytime soon.

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