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WWE Legend Shoots on Jon Moxley for Defending Nick Gage’s Pizza Cutter Spot on AEW Dynamite After Domino’s Pizza Complains

Published 07/31/2021, 10:30 AM EDT

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AEW and Domino’s Pizza have been going back and forth at each other ever since the last AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen aired on TNT. Jim Cornette took to Twitter and wrote his displeasure about the fact that AEW superstar Jon Moxley told Domino’s to “chill”.

This whole back and forth started due to an occurrence that happened in last week’s Dynamite. During the main event between Chris Jericho and Nick Gage which was NO DQ deathmatch, there was a spot when Gage used a pizza cutter and used it on Jericho’s head.

The spot took place just as an advertisement of Domino’s was running in which a pizza was getting prepared before the delivery.


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Jim Cornette takes exception to Jon Moxley’s Comments

Earlier Moxley made a comment on Domino’s threat about pulling their sponsorship from AEW and never airing their commercials on TNT.

Moxley said that they should ‘chill’ because it was just a mere coincidence. Not to mention, he light-heartedly added that if they’d [Domino’s] like, Nick Gage will personally go out and deliver their pizzas.


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After listening to Moxley’s comments and how he casually played down the whole controversy Jim Cornette tweeted his displeasure about it, saying that one should not let sponsors slip off this easily.

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The wrestling historian also took some shots at Moxley saying that Domino’s is a big-time company just like the WWE, where Moxley couldn’t make it which is why he left the company.


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“Way to calm down a pissed off sponsor there, Zippy. You actually think sane, normal people want to be associated with this donkey show with 2 legs and 3 teeth? @dominos is the big time, like your former employer, which is why you couldn’t make it when you were in it.” Jim wrote.


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Surely, sometimes AEW walks on thin ice and refuses to accept the situation, but lately, the promotion has been drawing more and more numbers on a weekly basis.



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