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‘Afridi’s brain hasn’t developed’ : Gautam Gambhir

‘Afridi’s brain hasn’t developed’ : Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir who is known for his aggressive behavior on the ground yet again has made a shocking comment on Shahid Afridi for his recent comments on the him and said the former Pakistan captain’s brain has not developed according to his age. The opening batsman played in a few memorable encounters against arch-rivals Pakistan. Gambhir had a famous collision with Shahid Afridi in the 2007 bilateral series which remained the subject of controversies for many months. Also, he had another heated argument with Kamran Akmal in the Asia Cup of 2010 in Dambulla, Sri Lanka when Dhoni had to literally pull Gambhir away from the scuffle.

With the India-Pakistan clash around the corner, new channels are calling various cricketers to interview and get their view on the clash. India opener Gautam Gambhir has lashed out at former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi following his comments in a column he wrote for the International Cricket Council (ICC) website. In the column, Afridi wrote that Gambhir still hadn’t moved on from their heated confrontation during an ODI in Kanpur in 2007. He also said that he can be friend with every Indian cricketer but he can never be the friend of Gambhir because in his opinion Gambhir always hated Pakistani cricketers.

Recently, Gambhir was called by ABP News to discuss the game alongside Shoaib Akhtar. Gambhir was asked about Afridi’s remarks and said, “I’ve said this before that his(Afridi’s) brain hasn’t developed according to his age. So even if he has said something like this it shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

This statement might open the door to another controversy between these two cricketers.

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