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After Lewis Hamilton Clinches 6th Title, Father Anthony Gushes with Pride

After Lewis Hamilton Clinches 6th Title, Father Anthony Gushes with Pride

Lewis Hamilton clinched his sixth Formula 1 world championship after finishing second in the US Grand Prix 2019. Witnessing this feat was his father and former manager, Anthony Hamilton, who was extremely proud.

Although he started 5th after a poor qualifying session, he battled his way to second, securing enough points to seize the title.

Lewis is now only one championship away from equalling Michael Schumacher. After exiting the car, the first thing he did was embrace father Anthony, who has been in his corner since the start of his career.

Speaking to Channel 4 afterwards, Anthony Hamilton confessed that it felt like Lewis’ maiden title. He said, “When you’ve won your first race, it’s great, but now you’ve got to go and win the next one. It’s the same with a world championship, once you’ve won it, you want the next one.”

He continued gushing about Lewis Hamilton where, everyday he is striving to be the best. Anthony even confessed that to this day he still worries about his son like he is still his 8-year old, instead of a 34-year old man.

Anthony also revealed that Hamilton is relishing going up against the likes of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. Normally, when a driver races in Formula One for a long tim, it starts to get ‘stale’. However, Lewis Hamilton is not like that and never gets tired of racing in Formula One.

He also divulged that he and his son are targeting at least five years in Formula One. In fact, his advice to Lewis was, “Keep going as long as you enjoy it, as long as your body can keep up.”

He even advised the experienced Briton in his karting days, to avoid contact, as it usually sends him backwards. In fact, to this day, Lewis Hamilton continues to uphold that policy as much as possible.

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