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After Praise from Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen Compliments Him Back

After Praise from Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen Compliments Him Back

Max Verstappen is currently wallowing in a flood of praise after his Brazilian Grand Prix win. However, the Aston Martin Red Bull driver has dished out some compliments of his own. One of his biggest admirers, is former McLaren driver and double world champion, Fernando Alonso.

Recently, Alonso laid on the praise thick by saying that there is no better Formula 1 driver than Max Verstappen. In response, the flattered Dutchman describing the Spaniard as “one of the best”.

The pair have raced in the same arena for four-seasons, though the matchup was skewed in Verstappen’s direction. This was because, Max’s Red Bull was always going to win against Alonso’s McLaren in a straight fight.

However, that did not stop Verstappen from praising the double world champion to the high heavens when speaking to Auto Bild. The 22-year old said, “For me, Fernando is one of the best and it’s a shame not to could have really run against him, because when we were at the same time on the circuits, he did not have a competitive car.”

“Hamilton, Vettel and Leclerc are very good drivers, although their style is very different. Lewis [Hamilton] and Vettel are already among the best drivers of all time.

“We are in a sport in which you depend so much on the car, and where the differences are not so much in the steering, but rather in the car you have.

The Dutch driver firmly believes that if Fernando Alonso came back to race in one of the top cars, he would be one of the favourites to win the title.

Verstappen continued, “Sometimes it’s the driver, but sometimes it’s bad luck. Look Fernando, he is one of the best, but has been in the wrong team lately.”

Now, the Red Bull driver will be looking forward to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in two weeks time, the final race of the season.

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