Airport Security Mistakes Tony Hawk for an Impersonator! Skateboarding Icon Reacts

Published 12/06/2021, 4:06 PM EST

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Pro skater Tony Hawk still remains one of the best skateboarders in the world. He is also the owner of the skateboard company, Birdhouse. Known for his perfect skills, Hawk was the first skateboarder ever to land the “900” trick.

That being said, one would expect Tony Hawk to be quite famous amongst the masses. However, on several occasions, fans have failed to recognize the legend.


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Multiple cases have occurred when people refused to believe that the person they are interacting with is indeed Tony Hawk and not someone pretending to be the best skater in the world. Hawk, however, finds this hilarious and often takes to Twitter to share these stories of mistaken identity.

Tony Hawk and the case of mistaken identity

Even though Hawk is clearly one of the most famous skateboarders in the world, it is amusing how many fail to recognize him. Even fans, some skateboarders themselves, don’t believe it is, in fact, their idol in front of them.

Recently, not a fan but security personnel thought Hawk was faking his identity at the airport.


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Hawk recounted the incident where the security was checking his ID and documents and asked him to pull down his mask. Looking at him, the security then went ahead and laughed away, commenting, “haha, good one.”

This has happened with Hawk previously, with yet another Transport Security Administration. In this particular case, the TSA said he was a great fan of Tony Hawk, not realizing he was talking to the man himself.

How does Hawk feel about this?

Hawk revealed that these interactions happen often. He also said that people actually take time to process that they are indeed talking to him.

“I think sometimes people, I assume, get excited, and they’re trying to register it… so they’ll just sort of say things without really giving them critical thought,” said Hawk.

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However, for Hawk, these interactions are hilarious, and he loves sharing them with fans. He also revealed someone once thought he looked like Tom Brady.

“I think that’s usually what ends up happening where it’s like ‘you’re, uh, T-T-Tom Brady!’ Where it just comes out because they know there’s some sports star whose name starts with a T,” added Hawk.

In addition to all these, Hawk has also been mistaken for pro cyclist Lance Armstrong and Iron Man Tony Stark. Do you think you would recognize Tony if you ever met him in person?


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