Ajax Amsterdam : An Insight into Manchester United's UEL Final Opponents
Pic Credits - Twitter

Manchester United. Real Madrid. Liverpool. AC Milan. What is the one common similarity across all these football clubs? History. These clubs have established a name for themselves across the globe through decades due to their trophy-laden history. One club which falls in the same bracket, but isn’t as renowned as the aforementioned super-clubs, is Ajax Amsterdam. Not many people know this, but Ajax Amsterdam boast of a trophy cabinet which could give the likes of all European heavyweights, a run for their money. So if you thought that taking home the only trophy that doesn’t bear their name would a cakewalk for Manchester United, think again. The most successful club in England will take on the most successful club from the Netherlands in what is being anticipated as a cracker of a match in the final of the UEFA Europa League at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 24th of May, 2017. As Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho put it, “Ajax v Manchester United – two monsters in the final. The history of the two clubs, amazing.”

Here are a few interesting facts about Ajax Amsterdam:


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