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Alexander Zverev Expects to be World No.1 in Five Years

Alexander Zverev Expects to be World No.1 in Five Years

World no. 3 Alexander Zverev commented on how himself five years down the line. In an interview to Bild – a German newspaper, Alexander Zverev said that he expects himself to be on the top of the ATP leaderboards in five to ten years.

Alexander Zverev was defeated by Fabio Fognini at the Monte Carlo Masters in the round of 16, last week. But he is confident about his performance in the future. He said, “I see myself as a world No. 1. In five years I will still be in Monte Carlo, continuing to enjoy my life between tennis and private.”

Alexander Zverev

Zverev also aspires to enjoy his private life after getting to the peak of his game. The German added,  “I hope to travel with my brother in the tournaments around the world. In ten years? I will be a family man. I hope to have the right woman, maybe my first son. And to still play tennis.”

Alexander Zverev has his roots in Russia. His parents, Irina Zvereva (mother) and Alexander Mikhailovich Zverev are retired, Soviet professional tennis players. But he was born in Germany as his parents started to reside in Germany and have German citizenship. Alexander Zverev also feels German. He said,  “I will not play for another country.”

The 22-year-old added, “I was born and grown in Germany, I went to school there and I have German friends. Yeah, I have Russian grassroots and also something Russian in me. Not giving up, fighting without stopping. That’s definitely Russian. My parents have always been like this.”

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev also cleared away the rumor of him dating Lenke Gercke. Gercke is a fashion model and a television host. Zverev deflates the speculations about his and Lenke Gercke dating each other.

He stated, “We met each other in Munich at the tournament and then we walked together more and more times on the street.”

“She was also in London in my ATP Finals championship clash. At the Sport dance, we went together, yes. And we also have a common friend here in Munich, who is now her agent. She is an unbelievably nice girl, she is unbelievably nice. We are really close. But we were never a couple, ” added Alexander Zverev.

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