Alexander Zverev: “I Do Not Feel Like Playing Tennis”


Alexander Zverev continued his amateurish 2019 season as he lost to Matteo Barrettini 7-5, 7-5 in his opening round of the Italian Open 2019. In the post-match interview, Alexander Zverev said, “The match that I played was horrendous.”

Alexander Zverev is not having the best of the season as he will enter the French Open 2019, having won only six matches over his last eight events at the ATP World Tour. It was undoubtedly a tough draw for Alexander Zverev as he met the under 40 ranked Italian at his home court in the second round. But the German has certainly failed to meet the expectations of the fans, in what has been an extremely disappointing year. Alexander Zverev hasn’t won multiple matches since Acapulco Open 2019.

Alexander Zverev

Zverev had previously lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarterfinals of the Mutua Madrid Open 2019. He came with a better feeling at the Italian Open 2019. But he was again disappointed by his performance. He said, “I played a terrible match, that was very different than in Madrid. Wind makes me one of the worst players in the top 10 ever.”

Alexander Zverev has been dealing with some personal problems. He had started his way with Patricio Apey, his former agent and since then he has been managing things without a manager. In the post-match interview, Alexander Zverev was asked whether there is “unprofessionalism” in his team. Denying the “unprofessionalism” tag, he said, “When we are at the Masters, we have to be professional. My whole team, everyone around me. I want to talk to a few people that something like that will not happen next time.”

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev feels that he could still make a comeback at the French Open 2019. He said, “I see that maybe I can win the French Open now as well. I am angry now, I am disappointed. Sure, that’s how I went to the square.

Alexander Zverev feels that he needs a break from tennis after a disappointing 2019 season so far. “First I do not touch the racket for a few days. I do not feel like playing tennis right now. I went to the square and was completely dead. So you cannot actually go to the square. I had to do other things here, ” added the World No. 5.