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Alexander Zverev Reveals Why He Hired David Ferrer

Alexander Zverev Reveals Why He Hired David Ferrer

After being suspended for months, the ATP Tour is finally returning. It’s no surprise that Alexander Zverev has been training very hard and has even made a change to his coaching team – by adding David Ferrer. The German has just talked about why he chose Ferrer.

Alexander Zverev teams up with David Ferrer as coach - NBC Sports

Alexander Zverev On Why He Chose David Ferrer As His Coach

David Ferrer was one of the most competitive players on the Tour. He was able to challenge even the best players, including the ‘Big 3’.  After playing for many years, Ferrer finally decided to retire in 2019. However, he doesn’t seem to want to leave the sport completely since he was recently hired as a coach by Alexander Zverev. In a recent interview with Sportschau (which was translated), Zverev talked about this partnership. He said,

When I was looking for another team member a few weeks ago, I had to keep thinking about David’s professionalism and his gift, everything from his physical and to be able to squeeze out playful requirements… Our personalities and goals go well together.

The German went on to talk about how he worshipped Ferrer throughout his career and how he is one of the strongest players mentally. He also mentioned that he wanted someone who could train for hours, saying, “I am a player who needs repetitions. In this regard, David is perfect for me.”

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Zverev and Ferrer will be certain to leave no stone unturned in preparing the German player for the Tour. Zverev will want to give it his all to achieve one major goal – breaking the reign of the ‘Big 3’ by winning his first Grand Slam.

As a member of the NextGen, many are expecting Zverev to do this. While he hasn’t quite done this yet, but he has come closer by reaching the Australian Open semi-final this year.

The German’s next opportunity to realize his dream is going to come at the 2020 US Open. He has not confirmed his participation at the event yet but hopefully, he will. Who knows, he may even go on to win the title!

Source: SportschauA

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