Alexander Zverev Says It’s Tough To Have Roger Federer As Idol

By 2 months ago

Alexander Zverev has always shared a special bond with Roger Federer. Despite having almost a generational difference when it comes to tennis, Roger has a great deal of admiration for Sascha.

This is proven by the fact that Roger chose Zverev as his dancing partner when he went for his famous Latin American tour. The picture of Zverev comforting a weeping Federer also went viral. This was after the cancellation of the Colombian tour.

However, Zverev believes that Roger can no longer be an idol for him. There are reasons behind this.

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Why does Alexander Zverev not have Roger Federer as his idol anymore?

As is expected, Zverev revealed that Federer was an inspiration for him growing up. However, now that the two have played so much against each other, having that God-like feeling for Federer is difficult.

“My idol in tennis was always Roger Federer. But I’ve played against him quite often, so it’s tough to have an idol now. But if I had to pick one it would always be Roger Federer.”

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It is possible to agree with Zverev at some point. We don’t think this is intended to be disrespectful to Federer in any way. However, what he might be alluding to is the growing friendly relations between the two stars.

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This is also visible in the press conferences that they do together on exhibition tours. Sascha is often seen poking fun at Roger Federer. With two people getting closer as friends, the kind of hero and admirer dynamic starts to fade away as time passes.

To be honest, Zverev has also had a phenomenal record against the Swiss maestro. He holds a positive win-loss record of 4-3. Perhaps, that’s the reason why Roger also rates him so highly.

Someday, Zverev would love to equal the status of Roger Federer.

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