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Alexander Zverev Wins ATP World Tour Finals

Alexander Zverev Wins ATP World Tour Finals

Alexander Zverev

A passing shot winner and a collapse onto the ground, marked the biggest title win in Zverev’s early career. A flawless display of serving and relentless hitting from the back of the court, saw Alexander Zverev subdue the mighty Novak Djokovic, who has up until then looked unbeatable, at the ATP World Tour Finals. Although it looked like Djokovic’s lengthy season seemed to take a toll on him in the finals, nothing should be taken away from Zverev’s stoic performance, that saw him overcome arguably the greatest returners of all time.

“I really can’t describe it. It is the biggest title I have ever won,” said Alexander Zverev in his post match speech. “Firstly I want to congratulate Novak and we may never have seen the tennis he has played in the last few months before. He barely lost a match but thankfully he did to me”, said Zverev as he looked at Novak.Alexander Zverev

“We (Djokovic and me) had so many talks, not only about tennis but all different types of subjects; I won’t mention what, but you are a sharing person and you have shared some titles with me. I appreciate you letting me win one today”, continued Zverev. He also commended the Djokovic box for lifting him through the tough times and helping him achieve the kind of success that saw him snatch the world number one position from Rafael Nadal.Alexander Zverev

“Also huge congratulations to the whole Djokovic team. Finishing as world number one after having surgery this year, I don’t know if that has been done before. You are one of the best teams on tour so good luck for next year”, said Alexander Zverev. Zverev emphasized the importance of winning one of the biggest tours on the tour, and hoped that this would improve his confidence levels. “This is the biggest title of my career so far”, he said. “This trophy means a lot, everything, to all the players. I mean, you only have so many chances of winning it. You play against the best players only,” Zverev added. “How I played today, how I won it, for me it’s just amazing.”

As the players head into the off-season, Zverev looks like he has finally broken the dominance of the veterans, and made a big big statement ahead of the new season.

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