Alfa Romeo Incur Wrath of Fans After Doing a Red Bull

February 18, 2019 1:55 pm

A few days ago, Alfa Romeo rang in Valentines Day with a striking black livery with red outlines. However, it was not an official launch and they were only performing a shakedown. Fast-forward to four days later and the fans were pumped to see the new car unveiled by Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Alfa Romero perform a shakedown

But then, the actual livery was revealed earlier today and… it was a big letdown. The 2019 car was given the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ treatment, albeit with a few minor cosmetic changes.

The actual racing livery largely resembles the 2018 livery and the fans were none too pleased with the outcome.

Here are the reactions below

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