Alfa Romeo May Drop Antonio Giovinazzi If The Italian Doesn’t Improve

May 14, 2019 4:33 pm

Driving in his first full-fledged F1 season, it’s not the best thing to see Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi without a point. A couple of races minus any points is pretty much alright for a youngster to be spared some criticism, one reckons. In fact, going without any points for a third race too can be understood to an extent.

But to have a promising driver not score in five straight races may not exactly be the best thing at all. Well, not for a team like Alfa Romeo that are powered by a Ferrari engine and thus far, have taken the fight to other equally competitive teams on the midfield quite well.

But as seen as the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, the talented Antonio Giovinazzi, once again failed to finish his race in points. In so doing, he continued a struggle that’s persisted right from the onset of the season-opening weekend at Australia, in March.

And truth be told, the trouble with Antonio Giovinazzi isn’t merely restricted to his no show in the races. The fact is that the 25-year-old has struggled a fair deal in the qualifying races.

And that’s not all. To that end, what should worry Antonio Giovinazzi is the fact that not once has the former student at the Ferrari driver academy has begun a contest from any of the positions in the top ten frame of the grid.

For someone who happens to be a big Kimi Raikkonen-fan, as self-proclaimed by the lanky driver before the start of the season, one wonders, what’s going to become of his imminent future?

In fact, here’s the worst bit of news. Antonio Giovinazzi, according to news reports may actually be dropped by his team for the remainder of the season if the driver fails to improve his current form.

A journal reported in greater detail on the developing (rumored) story sharing, “Kimi is the only one who can bring the results at the moment.

“Giovinazzi looks lost and helpless compared to him. In all the other mid-level teams, they have two drivers who are on the pace.

“There will certainly be changes at some point. There’s probably a lot of politics in the background, but the fact is that Alfa Romeo needs two drivers capable of bringing in points.”

Currently, the Alfa Romeo driver is on 18th on the standings. So, the onus to now up his game is purely on him.

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