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Alfa Romeo Team Boss Calls Ferrari a B Team

Alfa Romeo Team Boss Calls Ferrari a B Team


As it turns out, the Alfa Romeo team will be getting new upgrade for the Monaco Grand Prix. While speaking about it to the media, team principal, Frederic Vasseur joked about their ‘B team’, Ferrari, testing out out first before they raced it.

At that point, he could not help himself and just burst out laughing. It was possibly a reference to how decently they are doing, compared to the Maranello squad.

So far, Alfa Romeo have scored points consistently, courtesy, Kimi Raikkonen, with Antonio Giovinazzi missing out. As a result, they lie 6th in the championship. In the meantime, Ferrari have been lying in 2nd, but always just shy of a win.

It does not help their case that their over-reliance on team leader Sebastian Vettel to score has hurt them. In addition to that, Charles LeClerc’s over-enthusiasm also costs them, since he knows that he is quick, but is too eager to prove himself and makes mistakes.

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