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Ali-A Exposes Interesting Among Us Glitches

Ali-A Exposes Interesting Among Us Glitches

Creators aren’t limiting themselves to videos and streams while making Among Us content. A lot of them are getting creative. Some are recreating the game using other games. Others are trying to imitate it in real life. However, the most views go to the videos that tell players how to get better at the game. These include both tutorial videos as well as videos that teach players ways to bend the rules by exploiting glitches.

Popular YouTuber Ali-A uploaded a video recently listing down the various glitches in the game. A lot of these are just aesthetics. However, the highlight of the video was when Ali exposed glitches that boost the chances of a player starting as an impostor.

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Among Us glitches for a high impostor chance

There are various glitches in Among Us for those who want to try out some cool stuff. Impostors can become invisible if they vent right when the O2 sabotage timer hits 1s. However, as soon as they kill someone, they will become visible once again.

Players can also make their names invisible by entering a special character which can be found on the internet in the name field. It is very simple on Android. However, PC users will have to go to the InnnerSloth folder in AppData. From there, they can edit the ‘PlayerPref’ document and enter the invisible character instead of their name and voila!


For those players who can afford a pet, they can glitch them inside the wall at specific places. They can try to make the pet walk over the wall on these points, and the pet will get stuck inside the wall. The pet will follow the players around from inside the walls for a while before they teleport back to their original position.

Crewmates can also spam the ‘use’ button while doing the Medbay scan, which will cause the animation to glitch. They can therefore walk around the map with the scan animation on the body. Another spam glitch is when players spam while selecting hats in the lobby.

According to Ali-A, players can keep on clicking or hats randomly while they enter the game and it will increase the chance of them being the impostor. Ali thinks players can also increase their chances of being an impostor if they roam around in circles in a single spot after spawning.

The game has glitches that help catch impostors faster

Ali-A has a great tip for crewmates. Apparently, even if impostors take a vent in a dark room, the vent animation is visible. Therefore, crewmates can see the vent animation and then look for the people that came from the particular direction. This person might just be the impostor, so be ready to call an emergency meeting.

Another way to exploit a glitch and see through walls is experimenting with the game resolution. Players can turn the resolution to the minimum setting and then maximise it which will allow them to see players, if any, in the room next to them. While this glitch only works for a split second, it can be really useful for crewmates.

The game has various other glitches that happen randomly. A lot of these glitches such as the wall hack are limited only to the PC version of the game. Players should use these glitches at their own peril as these just might divert the suspicion from others on to themselves.

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